Teaser picDe Julien Mercier, le 19.7.2012 18:03


Hi everyone, We have entered the last 42 hours for this campaign. We have almost made it, but still missing a little bit. If you haven’t done it yet, letting your friends know about this campaign might be the last boost we need. See you on the other side !

Spread the word, last week of crowdfunding :)De Julien Mercier, le 11.7.2012 13:40

Hi everyone ! Thank you for your great support, we have reached 2/3 of the necessary amount to get the project going. We are also approaching the last week of crowdfunding. So please let your contacts, friends or anyone interested know about the project : This is a very rare occasion to get a limited edition, as the book will be very hard to get once the public release will be done by the end of the summer. They will be available in only a very few selected bookstores in different countries. So if you know of anyone who would want to get their hands on this object, help them and us by spreading the word ! :) Looking forward to sending you your goods, All the best. Olaf & Julien