Platform for Amazonian Cultural Heritage

After several stays in the Peruvian Amazon, I didn’t want to go back to Europe at all. I was just happy there. Life without electricity, cooking on the fire, swimming in the lagoon and above all the real feeling of human community filled me deeply. I rented a house there for ten years and wanted to build an Oshebari art and healing center. But not always we get from life exactly what we want, often we receive even much, much more. In Austria I met the love of my life and over time understood that my life’s work was not in the Amazonian region, but in the spirit, culture and spirituality of the people transferred to Europe. Thus the gallery Winnerlich was born on June 7, 2019.

The gallery opened it’s doors in summer 2019 in the middle of Linz, Austria. It presents and represents artists who are inspired by nature and who also use natural materials for their works.

The mission of me as the gallery owner and my team is to raise awareness of the Amazonian rainforest as an amazing source of inspiration, the culture and art of the natives. The aim of the gallery is to become a living Temple of Mother Jungle for artists who act as ambassadors of the Jungle and who through their work tell the stories of the inhabitants, entities and everyone living in the Jungle.


  • to buy arts and crafts directly from natives and artists from the Peruvian Amazonia region and bring it to Linz
  • to create a unique annual program with exhibitions, workshops, lectures, …
  • to use art to raise awareness of the situation of the Shipibo-Conibo tribes in the Peruvian Amazonia and thus to help preserve their cultural heritage
  • to build an interested community and stimulate exchange
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All the Things You Can Get!

The things you see in the presentation underneath is potential merchandise specifically for this crowdfunding project. Many things don’t exist yet and can be produced for you once we reach our goal.

All the beautiful and unique JUNGLE DESIGNS on the products are by academic painter Otto Placht - our artistic project partner in this endeavour. 

Otto Placht and me (Magdalena Winnerlich) have an authentic connection to the Shipibo-Conibo tribe through Otto’s family (he married a Shipibo woman and they have 3 children together) and so all the TRIBAL DESIGNS you see are from traditional work by the Shipibo found only in the Peruvian jungle.


For every purchase of a product from € 10 or more, we donate € 1 to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation (known from the book ’Before they Pass Away), whose mission is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of indigenous people around the world. So the more merchandise you buy, the greater the support.

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This is what we need backing for

  • Purchase of Shipibo Arts & Crafts…..15.000
  • Preparations for the transport…..6.000
  • Transportation of a big container by boat…..5.000
  • Travel Costs for the team…..8.000
  • Production, packaging & distribution of rewards…..20.000
  • Installation in the gallery…..3.000
  • Marketing, photos, graphics, print outs…..5.000
  • Wemakeit fee, taxes…..15.000
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