Where Art meets Science

With the term ’Art of Science’ a scientist would refer to his particular skill, but here it applies to a stunning collection of artworks that could only be created with the help of science: The Art of Science Exhibition is a show of select scientific photomicrographs which are presented in specially designed Formats.

These remarkable images were created by an Artist with a name and laurels in the scientific world: Spike Walker is a highly accredited photomicrographer and fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. For his work he was awarded the Society’s Combined Royal Medical Colleges Medal in 2010 for his ’outstanding contribution to photography and its application in the service of medicine’, as well as the Royal Microscopical Society’s Glauert Medal since 1982. His work has achieved a remarkable tally of 24 awards from the Wellcome Trust’s Image Awards and a total of 10 prizes and two honorable mentions in the Nikon Small World competition. Spike’s passion for the camera and the microscope and his creative work has lasted for more than 70 years since his boyhood.

From Spike Walkers most remarkable images, Cambridge UK based Art Naturally, the international license holder for his photographs, has designed a unique collection of overwhelming contemporary artworks, accentuating them even more with a range of exciting formats and color matched frames and acrylic panels. Their 30 years background in advanced printing technology and image processing render these works with durable and brilliant lively colors and in an immaculate crisp clear resolution.

In my role as ArtNaturally’s representative for India I have organized two separate exhibitions in the city of Pune. The first one in 2012 as a public showcase titled «Art of Science» in the spacious lobby of the Pune Westin Hotel and the second one as an exhibition named «Microcosmic Dance» in the renowned Tilting Art Gallery with an invited distinguished audience from industry, life sciences, education, the art scene and a variety of prestigious Insitutions, such as the National Institute of Design.

As I returned to Switzerland by the end of 2013 I had to abandon the project and the most of the exhibits were put in storage, where they since remained. As ArtNaturally went out of business around the same time, these works are the only ones of their kind ever produced.

With this campaign I would like to bring these unique exhibits from India to Switzerland for a new and final display. I believe, that these beautiful and distinct pieces of art deserve to once more be admired by a wider audience.

Ultimately it is my aim to help these incredibly beautiful artworks to find a place on the wall of an appreciative new owner and hence I offer them here as rewards for contributors that are willing to help with the realization of this project.

Please download the Art of Science Exhibition Prospectus below for your reference (to download click on the ’in’ logo in the lower right and then download from the page at slideshare.net, which will open in a new window).

From an invisible world

These exhibits provide an insight into a fascinating world normally hidden from the human eye. This is the real world seen close up – and what we see is a place of extraordinary subtlety and astounding beauty. All works in this edition are created in a scientific process from objects of minuscule scale. By capturing these objects through the lens of a microscope and viewing them at a size thousands times larger, these objects begin to reveal their amazing splendour and to cast their magic spell.

The works in this collection can really be considered a form of multidimensional art, as they stimulate the senses, appeal to the emotions and feed the intellect too. Each image features an inspiring title, a substantial description of the object as well as an interesting description of the process used to create it. The exhibition is therefore not only entertaining, but also educating. It provides enough material for inspired interpretation and excited discussion.

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Beauty should never hide in a Box...

If this campaign closes successfully you can expect a wonderful exhibition to happen around Mai/June 2019 in a location in Central Switzerland (Axis Zurich/Zug/Lucerne). Its exact venue remains to be determined and will be communicated April to early May. Prior to this I will have to personally travel to India and organize/oversee appropriate packing, road transport and shipping of the works, which will likely happen by Sea for reasons of cost. The entire batch needs to go into 2 crates and weighs around 400+ Kgs when crated.

So the funds raised through this campaign will be perused in the following way:

  • Travel expenses
  • Cost of seaworthy packaging materials
  • Freight on road and by sea
  • Export duties and customs
  • Booking of exhibition space
  • Print materials (Invitations etc.)

Additionally from every rewarded exhibit a licensing fee will go to the Artist.

Please take a minute to check out all the exciting rewards! Rewarded artworks will be available to backers immediately after the exhibition ends. All other rewards will be available in due time.

I am really grateful for your contribution and also very happy, if you can share this campaign with your circle. I am sure the exhibition alone will be well worth your dedication and on top I have prepared a nice selection of perks for you - please check them out, I hope you find something that suits you…

Thank you very much for your support!

Michel Mosca

PS: The video below will give you some important additional information about the rewards!