«1001 heARTbeats»

«Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, and the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.» (Wassily Kandinsky)

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My motivation

I want to contribute with this project the positive thinking and positive choices in live for all kinds of people. Art from this project is an invitation to open the spiritual heart and see things differently! They arise from deep gratitude and as a gift, according to your heart’s content, for moments of joy, as radiant light that is refracted into the colors, done as a stimulant to the colors and for moments of silence and vitality, for the viewer, a pure decision for his peace of heART, showing which of the heart touched him.

The pictures

These hearts are mostly painted in acrylic on canvas or plywood panel. The number of originals is limited to «1001 heARTbeats» basically originated out of the simple positive and as well negative symbol of the happy and the broken heart. The duzzling array of colors, composition, dynamic expression and the multilayered background mediates the emotional touch. A strong emotional individual interaction of singularity and variety of abstract communication touches the observer.

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Your support

With YOUR support you help me to realize this project. I need to buy the material for painting and to cover the minimum costs to participate in this great opportunities like the Art Basel Miami, As well as all the help I need to set up a high professional website including shop and connections to the art buying world, professional marketing and PR campaign portfolios.If you take a look into my budget, you will see that my project is a big challenge.

The limitation of the ORIGINALS to a number of «1001 heARTbeats» opens up unique opportunities for investors and collectors to secure a number of originals from start.

Between 10% up to 30% of the profit from sales of the originals go to worldwide known charity organizations.

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Two of these projects I would like to introduce in some more detail.

The «BIENALE EAST AFRICA» in Zanzibar This Bienale is a project with 47 different artists from the region, which are currently cought up in so called «Tinga Tinga Painting» for tourists, which does not allowe them to deploy their creative potentials. My aim with these projects is to enable the local artists, to enable this artist to develop free and independent from the day-to-day fight for survival, to participate in this event.

«AID FOR AIDS» is a non-profit organization committed to empowering governments and communities at risk of HIV and the population at large, by developing their abilities and capacities in comprehensive prevention through access to treatment, advocacy, education and training to improve their quality of life and reduce stigma and discrimination.