The first work expo by the multilingual theater company Copper Tongues Theater is called «Assistant» and explores the impact of a ChatGPT-like AI on the professional and private lives of three friends

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«Assistant» - first showcase of the multilingual Copper Tongues Theater

«Assistant» by Olivia Fischer in collaboration with ChatGPT is our first original project - created by us and the already world-famous/notorious AI!

«Assistant» is a play that explores the personal impact and ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically the AI language model AIPAX (based on ChatGPT), on the creative professions. It follows the lives of three friends, Joan (a neurotic playwright), Sasha (Joan’s older sister, a copywriter), and Eliza «El» (a software developer), as they grapple with the potential of AIPAX. In the process, they have to face their own fears, both in terms of their professional activities and their identities and personal relationships.

As the three friends navigate their own experiences with AI, they also grapple with the larger questions it raises, such as what it means to be creative and whether AI can produce truly original ideas. They question whether creativity is an individual or a collective endeavor and navigate the tensions between tradition and innovation in a world where plays, articles, and even love letters can soon be written at the click of a button.

Ultimately, «Assistant» leaves its audience with more questions than answers and invites them to reflect on the complexity and potential impact of AI in the creative industry and on their personal lives.

Our project is special because ...

What is special about «Assistant» is that it is probably the first Swiss play to deal with the ChatGPT language model on the levels of creation and content. Olivia Fischer wrote the play in constant dialogue with ChatGPT, thereby collaboratively producing an output of nearly 400,000 words. This allowed us to experience the fascinating capabilities of the language model but also get to know its limits.

Our company is led by a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about exploring and showcasing the experiences of womxn and the queer community. We prioritise empowering underrepresented groups in the performing arts industry, with a particular focus on LGBTQIA+ individuals. We believe in placing marginalised individuals in leadership positions both on and off stage, and ensuring that diverse perspectives are authentically represented in our work. As part of this commitment, we intentionally kept roles open to people of all genders during our casting process. Our current project features powerful characters who identify as queer and highlights a beautiful love story.

We also place great importance on environmental protection and care towards materials and people. We only use second-hand, fairly produced, recyclable and/or borrowed costumes, stage elements and props. We stand against the throwaway culture in the theatre industry and are committed to sustainable entertainment culture.

This is what we need backing for

We need your support so that we can pay the costs for rehearsal room and stage rental (1700 CHF). Another 500 CHF will be used for advertising and promotional material, 300 CHF for stage design, props and costumes, and 600 CHF (200 CHF per person) are planned to cover the actors’ expenses (travel costs and meals). The remaining 400 CHF will be used to pay for transportation and bar materials during the performances. All donations above 3500 CHF will go towards further increasing our standards for fairness and sustainability.

By presenting our work, we hope to attract theaters and/or production companies to pick up this play and co-produce the Swiss premiere and a subsequent tour of «Assistant» in one or more theaters throughout the country.