Atelier Peekaboo – «Eustache» table

by Atelier Peekaboo


Financing the prototype of our new project, the table «Eustache».

CHF 4’400

100% of CHF 4’400

"100 %"
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

17 backers

Successfully concluded on 5/8/2013


Eustache is a dining table made out solid ash. It calls to mind by its elegance and delicacy. Thanks to a clever manufacturing technique, feet fit perfectly to the plate to form a harmonious set.

Why should you back this project

As young designers, the difficulty we frequently encounter is the manufacture of prototypes. Indeed, some of these are made by ourselves in our workshop, but it happens that some projects require the abilities of specialized craftsmen. This is the case of «Eustache». This table requires an excellent knowledge of woodworking. So we are looking for funds to make a prototype in order to validate the design and solicit design publishing houses. We need you to avoid that this project end up in a drawer before beginning to exist.

What you will get

In March 2012, we won the first prize at the design fair «Blickfang Basel» with the collection of self-produced objects : «La Digression». We offer you in return for your contribution the possibility to receive some objects of this limited edition collection: the lamp «Sorry, Ingvar !», the vases «Brickfang» or the clock «Ornament Used To Be A Crime». See images below.

More informations about the collection «La Digression» here.