Who are we?

Augustine’s Suspenders is: Nicola, Matthias, Vincent, Christian and Sebastian. We are 5 students from Lucerne who make music together.

What kind of music?

Many musicians have trouble defining their music. We knew these problems as well.

With inspirations from bands like Queen, The Beatles, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Balthazar, Black Keys, The Kooks, Kings Of Leon or Mando Diao we have defined our music in the genre «indie rock».

Last winter we went on a long journey through the world of music and refreshed and renewed our own style.

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What is our goal?

The experiences and results of our musical journey are filled with dynamics, truth, softness and clarity, compelling rhythms, strong emotions like love and hate, affection or anger, melancholia and euphoria. Our goal is to express our journeys in a musical way.

This first disk will be produced at Chevalac Studio in Lucerne.

Our expenses

What expenses does it take to produce an EP?

Of course we want to let you know what you support here! Therefore we have summarised it for you below.

The longest part of the process is already over. All of our thinking about new songs and all the refinement was long and hard work. We all agree that this effort was worth it.

What isn’t done yet:

  • Recording at the studio (5 days)
  • Mastering/Mixing (3 Tage)
  • CD production + case
  • Design, Artwork

We are looking forward to presenting you our EP soon and we thank you for every support!

Augustine’s Suspenders