David and Julian

Living in Basel, we have dedicated ourselves for the past 10 years to bringing to life the astounding amount of music written for the voice and lute.  We have dusted off the music of composers who worked in Renaissance England only to discover a treasury of music. John Dowland serves as the example by which all lute-song composers are measured.  We will dedicate this first CD together to his masterful music.

Why you should back this project?

We would like to record our program «Awake, Sweet Love» so we can create new opportunities for the presentation of John Dowland’s works in concert.  Also, after a concert our audiences will be able to enjoy this CD «our personal Dowland» at home as a souvenir.

Going it alone? Nope!

We are both making a substantial contribution to «Awake, Sweet Love» from our personal funds and we have received very generous support in all respects by Dr. Peter Reidemeister – former director of the Schola Cantorum in Basel.

We can’t do it without your involvment! 

Through our wemakeit campaign we hope to raise 5000 Swiss Francs for technical recording costs.  The recording is scheduled for February, 2014, in St. Pantaleon, BL, with the sound engineer Karel Valter. The Label ARS will produce the CD with a target release date in May 2014.

In advance, thank you so much for your time and support!