This is Aylin

She is seven months old and lives with her big sister and her parents in Switzerland.


This is Aylin's lovely grandmother

She is affectionately called «Abuelita». She is a secondary school teacher in an indigenous area where more than 80% of her students live in deep poverty and have no one at home who can read or write. Abuelita cares a lot for her pubescent protégés and often gives voluntary extra tuition outside school hours.


This is Aylin's funny grandfather

He is affectionately called «Abuelito». He likes to laugh and always provides entertainment. Every morning he presses a fresh orange juice for Abuelita and brings it to the bus. He himself works as a car mechanic and is talented at recognizing the defects of a car by the different sounds it makes. He enjoys his work and is often visited because of his mechanical skills.

Abuelito and Abuelita feel very blessed that they have a regular income. Nevertheless, they are not quite happy.

Abuelito and Abuelita live in Mexico, thousands of miles away from their beloved grandchildren and the hard earned money is not enough to pay an international flight with international prices to Switzerland.

They have longed for a long time to finally get to know little Aylin personally and to experience the impressive progress of their big sister.

You may not be able to collect the travel costs for a visit to Switzerland on your own…but who knows if we will be able to unite Aylin with her beloved Abuelitos?

Every cent counts. Thank you very much for your support and if you like, you can stir up the anticipation of an authentic Mexican souvenir or maybe even have Abuelita and Abuelito personally cook Mexican food for you.

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