This is what it's all about.

B&BB is a family business with three founders, Baran, Berivan and Bulut (B&BB). Our main goal is to make our customers happy and make them feel at home in our restaurant. The key to this success is good nutrition. We want to do this, but this time without touching the animals.

Our project attracted the attention of many people with whom we shared our ideas. Unlike other restaurants, B&BB offers you new flavours and cultures, as well as a wide choice of 100% vegan assortments in a family setting.

Aren’t there enough restaurants of the same kind already? Of course, there are others who offer vegetarian/vegan assortments. First of all, we believe that all vegetarian/vegan restaurants enrich each other and give each other the power to grow. Especially in this type of food collaboration is essential. We look forward to contributing to this ecosystem. So what is our difference? B&BB would be a space where technology and new habits would develop with its various customized systems.

In our team, we have two graduates from the commercial branches, one of whom is also experienced in the kitchen as a «chef de cuisine». One of our co-founders is experienced in communication and advertising but also in family cooking. We have the skills and knowledge we need to launch our start-up in this sector, but we do need your help with financing.

First of all, we want to launch into French-speaking Switzerland. Thereafter we wish to increase our presence in all major cities and become a restaurant chain in the 4 corners of Switzerland, or even Europe.

It all depends on your support!

My project is special because ...

As we have already mentioned, B&BB would be closely linked to technology nowadays, unlike our «competitors», even if we consider them our friends or even our influencers. Our real competitors are those who do animal exploitation and who are at the top of the Fast-Food restaurants worldwide.

In our current society, we never have time to do everything as we wish, so we no longer take time to eat healthily. This means that we eat faster than healthy. Our goal as a B&BB is to show that you don’t need much time to experience this moment of a good restaurant with healthy meals. At B&BB, almost everything would be ready to serve itself, you will have the possibility to quickly serve yourself our meals, and you will have the possibility to reload your drinks at will.

Do you want to be even faster? Don’t have time to settle in or wait in line? You will have the opportunity to order* your dish on our mobile applications before you even go to the restaurant. Your order starts to prepare «take-away» before your arrival. You are in the store and you want to place your order? Our kiosks will help you to place your orders.

B&BB is as fast as it is healthy, as good as it is rich in essential nutrients. Our vision is made up of «Big Servings & Big Flavour» and therefore «Great Portions & Great Flavour». You will have enough to eat and especially to drink with a good family taste.

In our menus, we will have Vegan Burgers, mezzés, pasta, hot dishes, snacks and desserts. To see more details please visit our website:

*Payment by card is required to ensure security

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What will your support be used for?

First of all, it should be noted that this amount, limited to CHF 50,000, which we are indicating, would not be sufficient to open our desired restaurant. The reason for limiting ourselves to CHF 50,000 is in a way to reassure ourselves when we launch our project. Because if we indicate a higher amount, we may not be able to do so. The money we will get from this crowdfunding would be our resource in order to be able to apply for loans from banks or others.

We will need at least CHF 100’000 in order to be able to refurbish our restaurant with a professional kitchen and all the professional equipment, brand creation, storage of a first time raw material and so on.

What will this consist of in more concrete terms of these 100,000:

  • Restaurant refurbishment costs
  • Cost of purchasing goods from the beginning
  • Purchase costs of takeaway packaging
  • Costs of creating a professional kitchen from A to Z
  • Costs of purchasing kiosks or other electronic devices
  • The 6-month rental fee for the premises
  • Personnel costs as a first step
  • Brand creation costs / marketing / mobile application
  • Costs of purchasing a second-hand commercial vehicle/leasing
  • WeMakeIt «Promotion» fees

B&BB will contribute to the sustainable development of Swiss agriculture. The raw material would be Swiss.

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