Creating a new hOMe

Our B.YOGA family is growing and we are ready to move into a new home. Being more than just a yoga studio, it is our mission to keep giving the best to our valued students and community through all our endeavours. This also means taking the opportunity to move to a bigger and better space, specially designed for the yoga practice and its community. Construction has already started and with your help, we shall raise a minimum of 20,000CHF for final furnishing and special installations and be able to make this a home away from home to the people.

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Yoga beyond the classroom

We know that our yoga studio is a place for more than just practice. It is also a gathering space for making exchanges and growing relationships. It is a home away from home. We LOVE our current home but when the opportunity came up for us to secure 100 m2 more in floor space in our same fantastic building we knew that we could finally build something with great intention to hold our community, our family. Support us in realizing the new home and gathering space of the B.Yoga cOMmunity.

More of B.Yoga for everyone

Our current studio has housed a large number of classes and services, and we believe that we can do more for our students and the community.

The new studio is currently under construction and will feature 100 m2 more in floor space. It is to become the home to our regular classes, extended workshops, a larger boutique, community space and more. We are definitely also excited to create more space for bigger yoga rooms and also a lounge for gathering and socializing, to help students continue to mingle in peace.

It is an inspiring step to be creating this new haven, following an even greater vision for the community and its precious people.

Of course we would also like to thank you for your support and already start giving back by offering many memberships and special goodies. Why not go get them now?!