Who: The Bad Seeds Company

The Bad Seeds Company, short BSC, is a young label that designs and produces 100% hemp jeans using the most sustainable textile ever.

Bad Seeds Company is the answer to customers’ ever-growing outrage over fake, pretend and misleading «fair» and «ecological» practices and products.

We need your help to launch a larger production of 500 jeans and denim jackets so that we can offer our existing and new customers more.

This will enable us to expand our customer base and strengthen BSC as a brand. Up till now we are the only supplier in the world offering jeans combining these features:100% hemp (cannabis), 100% Italian fashion design, 100% handmade under fair conditions in Europe (Germany and Italy) and a10-year guarantee.

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Why: striving for a healthy lifestyle

We are all concerned about the wish to live a healthy life. But what is really being done to further it? In today´s fashion industry consumer textiles come cheaply produced from Asia and land as hazardous waste on rubbish dumps after a very short time. An extreme far cry from harmony with nature or decent working conditions. At the same time traditional production methods and businesses that had florished for generations have almost disappeared.

The advantages of using hemp are obvious. For growth hemp only requires a fraction of water compared to cotton, hardly any fertilizer, no pesticides and does not pollute the land it grows on. The fabric is soft on the skin, has a much higher durability and protects against UV radiation. So why not make jeans out of it? A pair of jeans made of the most sustainable natural textile ever?

We are Barbara Trenti and Andreas Geier, a South Tyrolean creative couple who moved to Hamburg three years ago to found the Bad Seeds Company with this idea and aim in mine. In Hamburg, Katrin Taylor Voss who was immediately enthusiastic about the project joined BSC. Experienced in growing companies, she takes on business development and international sales responsibilities. A native of Schleswig-Holstein and also a woman of the very first hour is Annette Gehrke. Katrin and Annette coordinate shipping at the Northern German seat of the Bad Seeds Company.

Barbara and Andreas have now moved back to South Tyrol again where they take care of the poduct design and manage the collaboration with Simona and Renzo, employees of the Italian Jeans Manufactory located in the smallest region of Italy, Molise. Here, the old hand craft is still used creating a jeans of high-quality and great tradition.

The circle of enthusiastic people who appreciate this concept is steadily growing. In order to meet demand, BSC has matured from a project to a business.

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How: With your support

Although we are satisfied with the development of our business, we face major obstacles and, as a self-financed start-up, are short of cash trying to break through in the challenging fashion segment of the consumer goods market.

Our next major production must be pre-funded and wages paid. In order to be able to finance this production of 500 jeans, we depend on financial capital of 35,000 €.

When we get the funding together, we will use it for:

Design and production of 500 jeans pieces. We will have 100 pieces each in 5 different models tailor made in collaboration with the JeansManufaktur in Molise. 1,000 lfm of Hanfdenim fabric are ready and waiting in the tailor shop and have already been paid for.

Payment of the rent of the Hamburg and South Tyrol officefor the first months. Wage payment for the first months.

We wish to start the production of the 500 jeans now in Autumn 2018.

With your help this will become possible!

As a backer, you become part of the Bad Seeds Company adventure. For this we have put together exclusive rewards for you and in particular want you to fall in love with our jeans made of 100% hemp denim. Get inspired by the enthusiasm! The following pictures should help you:

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