Why this film?

There are many Bali movies, almost all of them shows the same thing: sunset on palm beaches, wonderful landscapes etc. In most of these movies you can feel a certain distance between the filmmakers and his subject. In my film you’ll see what remains hidden to most visitors of Bali: the daily lives of «normal» people in their village, with their joys and sorrow.

I have lived several years in this village with the locals and participated actively to their lives.

Who benefits from your support and this film?

When the people of this hamlet have renovated their big temple they had to lend money from the local bank. The profit of this film will contribute to the repayment.

You will benefit from the film when - sitting comfortably in front of your screen- you discover this village and go on a virtual journey.

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When can you see it?

In November 2013 I intend to return to this village, and to continue shooting there and finish editing this film. At my return to Europe, planned for May 2014, I will be able to send you a copy. Private projections will be possible from June 2014 (I have a beamer)..

In the meantime you can already see my 2010 film «We really love Bali» and 62 more of my Bali-videos at youtube. Please follow the links below.

Why do I seek your support?

Until now I financed this project with the profit of my street music summer tours. This year I started my tour one and a half month later than planned because of several unforeseen accidents. I hope to be able to realize this project as planned with the support of wemakeit.ch-contributors. Do you join us?

The cover of my «Bali» picture book. You can see the complete book with many nice photos at flickr


What do you receive in return for your support?

First of all my eternal gratitude, the link for downloading the film in HD (mp4), plus a reward described in the list on the right hand side of this screen. If you want to obtain something different, please let me know! rob.van.welij@gmail.com

  1. Film length: circa 100 minutes
  2. Languages spoken in Film: Indonesian, Balinese, English
  3. Comments: French
  4. Subtitles: French, German, English, Dutch