Help build the first «Rammed Earth-Ship» * school building on Bali!

The children are our future! They are worth going to school for life! Worldwide! In Bali it starts. Now.

Be there, when the first holistic Montessori school is built worldwide with the «Rammed Earth-Ship» technology! This school is a gift for poor Balinese village children - the school visit is free! Contributed by the international families who pay an affordable school fee. That’s how it should be!

Also we care about the local teachers: Through internships and trainings, they will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a completely new pedagogy and to pass on these inspirations to their school children. Sharing knowledge makes joy. This is our way!

In August 2018, there will be a big ceremonial school opening, where you can be invited as VIP guests in Bali or indirectly via a life-stream!

Speaking of: WHO ARE «I» AND WHO ARE «WE»?

My name is BEd. Gertraud Neuner, 43, enthusiastic Montessori pedagogue (ÖMG), and Austrian. Married and 2 children. I AM the founder / visionary of this dreamy school project: «SEKOLAH MONTESSORI ERDKINDER BALI»

I am supported in Bali by an excellent core team:

«TAMAN BUNGA MATAHARI» (garden of the sunflower, name of the school foundation - in the founding process, non-profit)

  • Tjok Agung: mayor and member of the royal family of Pejeng; My school project manager
  • Ida Resi Alit - our spiritual patron saint Bali’s only female high priestess. She directed our school land blessing ceremony in June 2017
  • Ida Bagus Gustut - my best balinese friend, Brahmane and Personal consultant
  • Wayan Ukir: Founder of a Balinese kindergarden, banker
  • Wayan Kasta: Spirit. Tour operators and patrons of the project
  • Kadek Wira: future treasurer of our non-profit- School Foundation. Business owner of Ikat Batik Ubud

Last but not least: an international team of architects from Uruguay and Malaysia: Belisario Gossi and Ruben Cortés (first «Earth ship» in tropical Malaysia)

  • «Earth Ship» inspired
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My project is special because ...

Actually, I always wanted to realize a small fine Montessori school in the mountains of East Tyrol! However, life sometimes plays crazy, and so we landed on the island of the gods - Bali! … And I fell in love with these simple people with open hearts and their unique spiritual culture!

Sadly, however, Bali is in crisis according to an increasing problem of waste and wrong water management.

I see an excellent opportunity to reach over children their families with valuable knowledge, and for long term even many local teachers, as we have a special focus on ecology (permaculture, recycling, water management, neutralization of e-smog, …). We love to live connected to Mother Nature and our Vision is to be a good role model for others in the future!


This is what I need backing for.

The total ecological school building (approx. 500 m2 of built-up area) incl. Interior equipment is estimated to be about 200,000 euros. We absolutely want to reach the fundraising minimum limit of 40,000 euros - AND FORWARD! Therefore, please join, - tell all your friends and share in all your social networks!

What happened until now: Through the successful sale of my hereditary ground in Schärding, Austria, I am able to put 30,000 euros into my heart project. A further 13,000 euros of donation come from the Balinese schoolfounders (Yayasan). And another 5,000 Euros from a Swiss entrepreneur.

On June 14, 2017, Ida Resi Alit, the High Priestess , was leading the school land blessing ceremony. (See photos above) With our starting budget, it is possible to build the whole foundation. But then the money would go out. Therefore, we urgently need your help to build this paradise school! Every little contribution is necessary and appreciated! There are original and lovingly selected gifts from Bali!

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