Bamboo VS Plastic Tupperware

by Swiss Advance

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100% bamboo & natural rubber! Get ready for the Bento box trend and get the handmade bamboo tableware for on the road. Or what about some new storage containers for your fridge?

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Bento Box – Dining without Plasticizers!

Unfortunately the most storage containers contains plasticizers, which are suspected of being carcinogenic.

Handmade by a privately owned company in Vietnam, we bring to you our Bento box. Made out of 100% natural materials – bamboo, ricepowder and natural rubber.

The bamboo is sourced near the local village. Next, it is carefully cut into fine stripes, to be glued back together. Using only natural products, the glue is a mixture of water and rice powder.

Bamboo is one of nature’s most durable plant, fast growing and one hardest of wood types.

We want to bring the Bento trend to Switzerland. In Japan it is part of tradition and dates back to the 5th century. This nutritional trend came from Japan to the USA, then to Germany and now to Switzerland, as we hope.

What does Bento mean?

Bento means «of everything». Bento is a very special way of serving food in a box. It is a beautiful, delicious, an easy and healthy way of eating.

Why do we need your support?

We need your support to launch this brand new product. By selling the very first small series we want to fund 50% of a greater following series of production. With this you also support the company in Vietnam. With a good start we could bring this project to the next level which generates new jobs.

They cannot compete with name brands in terms of price, because everything is handmade and even the bamboo is not harvest by industrial agriculture. They harvest the wild growing bamboo by hand in surrounding woodlands and villages.

We don’t want them to change. They shall stay the way they are. Therefore we want to continue working with them. We hope that many other products are following.

How they work in Vietnam

This year in January we flew to Hanoi to visit them. Their production halls are at the edge of Hanoi. We were allowed to work with them together on our designs.

The bamboo is harvest by hand with a machete. After drying it is cut into fine stripes and formed into rings. They combine it to tight spirals and afterwards they hammer it carefully over a plaster mould. Towards the end they apply a glue made of water and rice powder.

At the end they polish your Bento box and it’s ready.

What are actually the measures and the materials?

  • Measures: 180 x 180 x 70mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Material: bamboo, rice powder, natural rubber
  • Sustainability: 100% biodegradable, renewable materials

When will the Bento box ready for you?

We will be able to ship the Bento box at the end of July.

That are your rewards waiting for you

Who we are and what we do

We are a small Swiss company consisting of the founder and our chef Peter Meyer, Nadine Herker for sales, Raphael aguiar, who flew to Vietnam with me and me the designer Andrea Manchen. We work in close cooperation with our assembly company and suppliers which we know all in person.

We love being outside. We love being close to nature. That is where our inspiration and energy is coming from. We love design. We love it timeless and minimalist. Less is often more.

Bon Appétit

& many thanks for your support!