It's a tragicomic theatre production that stands on the border of physical theatre and circus arts. The goal is to create an immersive FANTASY world on stage for the family audiences.

CHF 9’000

150% of CHF 6’000

"150 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

103 backers

Successfully concluded on 30/7/2022

WE MADE IT! 150% THANKS TO YOUBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 31/07/2022

[IT][ENG][FR][DE] [IT] HURRAY!!! YUHOOO!!! È una sensazione incredibile e sublime essere sostenuti da 103 persone diverse durante questi 40 giorni di maratona. Ieri abbiamo scoperto che abbiamo raggiunto e superato fino al 150% della campagna di crowdfunding «BARDAK». Io, Igor, a nome della COMPAGNIA TEATRALE DOMOVOI, dell’Associazione BLU SELYODKA e di tutto il team di BARDAK, voglio esprimere la nostra massima gratitudine e grazie a voi, oggi siamo già in viaggio. La strada ci porta in una sala prove a Dresda, in Germania, per iniziare le prove di «BARDAK» lunedì 1° agosto 2022 (A proposito, BUONA FESTA NAZIONALE SVIZZERA), con Anton Adasinskiy ed Elena Yarovaya (Derevo Laboratorium) e con l’aiuto di Vera Jegorova (Estonia). Grazie ancora e ora vado a godermi 9 ore di panorami autostradali e tanta musica diversa.

P.S. Amici che avete il mio numero, inviatemi oggi via whatsapp le vostre canzoni preferite. Sono stanco della mia playlist;)

[ENG] HURRAY!! YUHOOO!!! It’s an unbelievable, sublime feeling of being supported by 103 different people during these 40 days of marathon. Yesterday we found out that we made it and overmade it up to 150% of the crowdfunding campaign «BARDAK». I, Igor, in the name of DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY, Associazione BLU SELYODKA and all the BARDAK team, want to express our utmost gratitude and thanks to you, we are already on the road today. The road leads us to a rehearsal studio in Dresden, Germany to start the rehearsals for «BARDAK» on Monday, 1st of August 2022 (P.S. HAPPY SWISS NATIONAL DAY BY THE WAY), with Anton Adasinskiy and Elena Yarovaya (Derevo Laboratorium), as well as with the helping hand of Vera Jegorova (Estonia). Thank you again and now I go for the 9 hours of panoramic highway views and lots of different music.

P.S. Friends who have my number, send me via whatsapp today your favorite songs. Tired of my playlist;)

[FR] HURRAY ! !! YUHOOO !!! C’est un sentiment incroyable et sublime d’être soutenu par 103 personnes différentes pendant ces 40 jours de marathon. Hier, nous avons appris que nous avons réussi et dépassé jusqu’à 150% de la campagne de crowdfunding «BARDAK». Moi, Igor, au nom de la COMPAGNIE THÉÂTRE DOMOVOÏ, de l’Association BLU SELYODKA et de toute l’équipe de BARDAK, je veux vous exprimer notre plus grande gratitude et grâce à vous, nous sommes déjà sur la route aujourd’hui. La route nous mène à un studio de répétition à Dresde, en Allemagne, pour commencer les répétitions de «BARDAK» le lundi 1er août 2022 (AU FAIT, JOYEUSE FÊTE NATIONALE SUISSE), avec Anton Adasinskiy et Elena Yarovaya (Derevo Laboratorium), ainsi qu’avec l’aide de Vera Jegorova (Estonie). Merci encore et maintenant je pars pour les 9 heures de vues panoramiques de l’autoroute et beaucoup de musique différente.

P.S. Amis qui avez mon numéro, envoyez-moi aujourd’hui par whatsapp vos chansons préférées. Je suis fatigué de ma playlist ;)

[DE] HURRAY!! YUHOOO!!! Es ist ein unglaubliches, erhabenes Gefühl, von 103 verschiedenen Menschen während dieser 40 Tage des Marathons unterstützt zu werden. Gestern haben wir erfahren, dass wir 150% der Crowdfunding-Kampagne «BARDAK» erreicht und übertroffen haben. Ich, Igor, möchte im Namen der DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY, der Associazione BLU SELYODKA und des gesamten BARDAK-Teams unsere größte Dankbarkeit zum Ausdruck bringen, und dank Euch sind wir heute schon auf dem Weg. Der Weg führt uns in ein Probestudio in Dresden, Deutschland, um am Montag, den 1. August 2022 (P.S. HAPPY SWISS NATIONAL DAY BY THE WAY), mit Anton Adasinskiy und Elena Yarovaya (Derevo Laboratorium), sowie mit der helfenden Hand von Vera Jegorova (Estland) die Proben für «BARDAK» zu beginnen. Nochmals vielen Dank, und jetzt mache ich mich auf den Weg zu 9 Stunden Autobahn-Panorama und viel unterschiedlicher Musik.

P.S. Freunde, die meine Nummer haben, schickt mir heute per Whatsapp eure Lieblingssongs. Bin meiner Playlist überdrüssig;)

TOURNÉE 2022By Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 29/07/2022


Whilst you are generously contributing to our new creation BARDAK, we are continuing with our tournée 2022 and preparing for the residence in Dresden, Germany starting on 1st August 2022.

Tournée 2022: 17th April - beneficiary performance for the PEACE and in solidarity with Ukraine by DOMOVOI and I PATOM theatres, Cambusa Teatro, Locarno, CH 7th May - KTO TAM? show at MAGGIOLINO festival, Teatro Foce, Lugano, CH 8th May - free workshop and KTO TAM? show for Ukranian refugees at Zirkusquartier, Zürich, CH 10th July - KTO TAM? show at Castello Marcacci, Brione Verzasca, CH 15th July - KTO TAM? show at Pod’ring festival, Biel/Bienne, CH 19th July - KTO TAM? show at camping TCS Gordevio, CH 7th August - KTO TAM? show at the 11th INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN FESTIVAL BITOLINO, Macedonia 16 and 17th September - World Premiere of BARDAK at Teatro Foce, RASSEGNA HOME, Lugano, CH 8th October - KTO TAM? show at Acquarossa, Val Blenio, CH 9th October - BARDAK show at Rennweg26, Biel/Bienne, CH 23-27th November - KTO TAM? show at KAMPALA INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL, Uganda 3rd December - BARDAK show at Teatro Paravento, Locarno, CH 17th December - KTO TAM? show at Teatro Tan, Biasca, CH 30th December - BARDAK show at Halle Cons, Disentis, CH

Other dates to be consulted here

THERE IS STILL TIMEBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 28/07/2022


In the wonderful city of Wroclaw, Poland, where once the notorious Jerzy Grotowski was making his theatre experiments, that impacted the whole world, there is another parallel life. The life of Gnomes. And there are everywhere… They say there are about 385 gnomes and dwarfs in the whole city now. There is even a map to find them all. Of course, DOMOVOI felt totally at home. Finally a whole city of his own «folks».

A BIT OF HISTORY «In 2001, to commemorate the Orange Alternative (Polish anti-communist movement), a monument of a gnome (the movement’s symbol) was officially placed on Świdnicka Street, where the group’s gatherings used to take place. In 2003, the Mayor of Wrocław, in an attempt to continue the new tradition, unveiled a small plaque on the door of The Dwarves’ Museum. It can be found at the height of human knees on the wall of a historic tenement called Jaś, which is situated between the Market Square and St. Elizabeth’s Church. The figures of the gnomes, which are smaller than the Orange Alternative monument on Świdnicka Street, were placed in different parts of the city. The first five, designed by Tomasz Moczek, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, were placed in August 2005. These were the Fencer near the University of Wrocław, the Butcher in Stare Jatki arcade, two Sisyphuses on Świdnicka Street and the Odra-Washer-Dwarf, near Piaskowy Bridge. The name of the last dwarf is related to Pracze Odrzańskie, an estate on the outskirts of the city. Since that time, the number of figures has continued growing.»

P.S. If you still want to contribute to the new theatre creation BARDAK and to our globe-trotting, here is the link for you!

WE MADE IT 100%By Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 27/07/2022


Thank you very much and Grazie Mille, Danke schön, Merci beacoup, Спасибо большое, Дякую… for your support, trust and help. From the name of the whole BARDAK team, personally from me, Igor Mamlenkov and our production manager, Anna Dafne Alessi, we express our gratitude and joy that your generous contribution now provided us with the necessary conditions for our creations process, which will start on 2nd of August 2022 in Dresden, Germany, and will continue in Teatro dei Fauni and Spazio Elle, Locarno, CH; then we will move to Tschudanga (Cie Digestif) in Salgesch, CH in September. After a short pause, we will do the final residence at Teatro Foce, Lugano, CH with premiere shows already on 12 to 17th September. We are happy to finish the pre-production period and to move onwards to the creation period - lights, props, scenography, movement and lots of sweat, try and error, soundscape and music, dance and of course humour…

GOAL NUMBER 2 We have just reached the 100% and those contributions we will get for sure. However, now we have 2 last days to collect extra contributions. What for? Well, as a theatre production, we have numerous additional costs:

  • Wemakeit website takes its percentage for using their platform
  • Producing the gifts, posting the postcards, travelling to give a clown workshop as a reward etc.
  • Mini van rental for transportation of 2 shows in August
  • Numerous bureau and scenography materials
  • Promotion for the upcoming shows
  • Liquid costs for the upcoming tournées. For example, on 7th of August we perform at the International Children Festival Bitolino, Macedonia, or in November we are going to Kampala International Festival, Uganda (which has no budget for air flights).

Keep up with our news on the official website of DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY

POSTER provisorioBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 26/07/2022


[IT][ENG][FR] Siamo felice a condivedere con voi la nostra locandina provvisoria creata di una foto fatta per Fabrice Bouverat (insta @fabricebouverat) ed editato da Marina (insta @marina_mne_skazala). La abbiamo utilizzato per rappresentare il nuovo progetto BARDAK allo stand della DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY e l’Associazione cul. BLU SELYODKA il scorso aprile 2022 presso la Borsa Svizzera degli Spettacoli a Thun. Dateci il vostro feedback, siamo curiosi di sapere la vostra opinione. Ed é importante dire che la locandina ufficiale sarà disegnata da Karin Widmer. Qui potete godere degli suoi illustrazioni

We are happy to share with you our provisional poster created from a photo taken by Fabrice Bouverat (insta @fabricebouverat) and edited by Marina (insta @marina_mne_skazala). We used it to represent the new BARDAK project by the DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY and the Cultural Association BLU SELYODKA on April 2022 at the Schweizer Künstlerbörse in Thun. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback, we’d be happy to know your opinion it. And it is important to say that the official poster will be designed by Karin Widmer. Here you can enjoy her illustrations

Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous notre affiche provisoire créé à partir d’une photo prise par Fabrice Bouverat (insta @fabricebouverat) et éditée par Marina (insta @marina_mne_skazala). Nous l’avons utilisé pour représenter le nouveau projet BARDAK de la COMPAGNIE DU THÉÂTRE DOMOVOÏ et la Association culturelle BLU SELYODKA le 20 avril 2022 à la Bourse Suisse aux Spectacles à Thoune. Faites-nous part de vos commentaires, nous sommes curieux de connaître votre opinion. Et il est important d’annoncer que l’affiche officielle sera conçue par Karin Widmer. Vous pouvez apprécier ses illustrations sur le site

SAXO/DOMOVOI - CORSA FINALE (5 days left)By Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 25/07/2022


We are sharing this entertaining video with Domovoi playing his favorite tune on the tube. A little spoiler from our rehearsals here and there. We encourage you to make the final effort in order to make it up to 100 %, remember that it’s ALL or NOTHING campaign. We just miss 18% now and we have got only 5 days left. So, click on the video, enjoy a bit our humourous video and share the campaign with whoever that could be interested in supporting an idependent young theatre company.

Got any questions? We are here for you

Filmed by Luna Scolari Performed and edited by Igor Mamlenkov


HALF TIME!By Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 14/07/2022


No stress, we still have some 16 days left to check out our crowdfunding. Now is the good time to share it with anyone, anywho, anywhere, anyhow.

I have already started little rehearsals on my own to prepare for the official rehearsing residency in Dresden, starting on 1st August 2022 with an eventual work-in-progress showcase at St. Pauli Ruine Kirche, Dresden, Germany.On 15th August 2022, we are back in Locarno, CH for the residency at Teatro dei Fauni e Spazio Elle… Stay tuned for other updates.

Keep your smile up!


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORTBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 13/07/2022


We are 40 % through our campaign and we’ve got 18 days left from including today. Remember, it is ALL or NOTHING, so we have to make at least up to 100 % to get your support or else all the donations go back to the supporters. We really need your help to make the project happen. So, please, now is the time to watch the videos, to discover the project and the photos, all the updates we are putting the blog. Don’t forget to choose your favorite reward for your contribution. Share with your families, friends, colleagues, people interested in the indipendent theatre scene.

P.S. Ferruccio Cainero has been with our project for the dramaturgical writing and now we have finally the director for staging our show - Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO Laboratorium).

Video by Agustina Pezzani

Any questions - or Wemakeit campaign - Domovoi Website -

VIDEO SKETCH FOR YOUBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 10/07/2022

We are just a little step away from 35 % and to encourage you to share our project, to talk about it and simply to cheer you up a bit, we would like to share a little video sketch with Domovoi.


P.S. Walz by Shostakovich

«La bellezza salverà il mondo»By Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 06/07/2022

«Мир спасет красота» = «La belleza salverà il mondo» = «The beauty will save the world» = «La beauté sauvera le monde» = «Schönheit wird die Welt retten» by Dostoyevski

FINALLY, we have had a few beautiful days of rehearsals with our friend and theatre director Iria Diaz at the Fédération Mattattom, Généve. Finally I had the time and space to play, to explore the future creation of BARDAK, to put the ideas into the movement and practice. I am super grateful to this first exploration period. Now is the time to start recycling some objects, props, gluing and coloring things, experimenting and rehearsing the sketches. Our creating planning for the moment looks as follows:

  • July - props, costumes and rehearsing the first sketches, filming them and sending to the director
  • August - the two week residency in Dresden and with the first work-in-progress public showing at St. Pauli Ruine Kirche, Dresden. Then we move back to Locarno to continue with the rehearsals at the Teatro dei Fauni
  • September - first week of September we are in the residency of our friends, Compagnie Digestif, Tschudanga, Salgesch (VS) with a public showing on 6th September. Then we have a little break just for the technical work and we all reunite on 12th September at the Teatro Foce, Lugano and we make the ultimate residence to perform the premiere on 16th and 17th September 2022 as part of RASSEGNA HOME. Where all of you are kindly invited.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep on sharing our creation with your friends!

25 % DONE! HURRAYBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 02/07/2022

DOMOVOI and his team thank you from the bottom of the Herz. We have just discovered that we have already collected 25 % of the campaign and we are onto 50% now. We have still got 28 days to make it. And it is all thanks to you. We are full on preparing your personal rewards, planning the rehearsals and looking for recycled props etc. So, just to celebrate this point, take a moment to share this video and campaign with your mamma, pappa, friends and neighbors, roommates and grandparents. Let them know that we are happy and we keep moving forwards.


[ENG][FR][DE] To say thank you to all of my supporters who already donated to the BARDAK CROWDFUNDING and for those who are still curious about our work, we have prepared a fun backstage video where you can see how Igor Mamlenkov converts into the DOMOVOI character…

[FR] Pour remercier tous mes bienfaiteur.e.s qui ont déjà fait un don au BARDAK CROWDFUNDING et pour ceux qui sont encore curieux de notre travail, nous avons préparé une vidéo amusante des coulisses où vous pouvez voir comment Igor Mamlenkov se transforme en personnage de DOMOVOI…

[DE] Als Dankeschön an alle meine Spender und Mitmacher, die bereits für BARDAK CROWDFUNDING gespendet haben, und für diejenigen, die immer noch neugierig auf unsere Arbeit sind, haben wir ein lustiges Backstage-Video vorbereitet, in dem Sie sehen können, wie sich Igor Mamlenkov in die Figur des DOMOVOI verwandelt…

CROWDFUNDING LINK (English, German, French, Italian)

Any questions?


[ENG][FR][IT] POETRY We have just passed the 20% limit and we are on to 50%. With your precious help, we are hoping to make it even up to 100%. Remember, it is ALL or NOTHING.

TO SAY THANK YOU, we want to share Igor’s poem written for the project BARDAK at the very beginning of the research.

POÉSIE Nous venons de dépasser la limite des 20% et nous sommes en train de passer à 50%. Avec votre aide précieuse, nous espérons même arriver à 100%. Rappelez-vous, c’est TOUT ou RIEN.

POUR VOUS REMERCIER, nous voulons partager le poème d’Igor écrit pour le projet BARDAK au tout début de la recherche.

POESIA Abbiamo appena superato il limite del 20% ed ora il nostro obiettivo è i 50%. Con il vostro prezioso aiuto, speriamo di arrivare addirittura al 100%. Ricordate, o tutto o niente.

Per RINGRAZIARVI, vogliamo condividere la poesia di Igor scritta per il progetto BARDAK all’inizio della ricerca.


Баллада о пепле и дыме, Una ballata di cenere e fumo,

Баллада о плохом и добром, una ballata del bene e del male,

о сущности, о вечности, dell’essenza, dell’eternità,

о простодушие людском. della semplicità umana,

об удушье ночном, del soffocamento nella notte,

о том, как пить чай с ежиками, del bere il tè con i ricci,

о том, как ведьмы отбивают ритм ножиками, di come le streghe battono il ritmo con i coltelli,

тут ветхие дома — это не просто негодные строения, qui le case sgangherate non sono solo degli edifici inutili,

тут Водяной играет с Домовым в дурака… un Vodyanoi lo spirito d’acqua gioca «allo stupido» con le carte con Domovoi…

и кто еще здесь дурак, спросите вы… e chi è lo stupido qui, voi potreste domandare…

и правы будете. e avreste ragione.


We have created some wonderful original DOMOVOI POSTCARDS that you can choose as a reward for your contibution. You can choose any of the Postcards on the photos mentioned above. But that’s not everything.

MESSAGE TO ANY ADDRESS IN THE WORLD On your request, we can send this postcard to any address in the World that you want, it could be your mother/father/family or a friend you havent seen for a long time, secret love and a childhood friend. You can provide us some of particular information about the childhood of this person and we’ll compose a personalized message and send him/her/it a Hello from Childhood.

Keep on Dreaming and Stay Healthy in Body and Mind


Scrittura drammaturgicaBy Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, on 22/06/2022

Hello dear audience, caro pubblico! Grazie mille / spasibo bolshoe / merci und danke schon for your support. I am sharing a little suggestive picture to share the great news that me and my co-author Ferruccio Cainero are working hard on the dramaturgical writing of BARDAK and we are quite close to having an overall story ready (in grande linee). We take chance to say Grazie Mille to all of our suppors and donators!