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What it’s about?

Last year we released an EP with 5 songs and got great feedback. Since then we’ve been playing loads of concerts and the rest of our repertoire are yet to be recorded. Lots of folks keep asking when they can finally hear those songs on record… Wait no more!

The songs are ready! So we’ve booked the Working Class Studio in Winterthur with Marc Pascal Bouffé in December. Philip Harrison from Chucky Music Productions is goin’ to do the mixing and Dan Suter from Echochamber will master the Album.

After that we’ll be honoured to do a music video with Sven Probst from Cutback Films.

We’ve already put a lot of energy, love and money in the production of the album and we could always count on our friends and family, but we still need your help to cover the expenses. And we’ll be more than grateful!

Now it’s in your hands!

Not only will you get a great record, a warm hug and a place in our hearts forever, but you can get yourself some seriously cool goodies because they are special and one of a kind.

The Goodies

Go and check them out now, because availability may be limited. There’s something for everyone; Gigs in your home, limited special edition vinyl’s and CD’s, come to gigs with us, printed t-shirts, artworks on skateboards and even be in the next video clip!

Thank you already for helping us make our dreams a reality! So don’t wait and get your goodie now!