Let's change our mode of consumption.

BASIC: «Which consists only of the essentials.»

It is with this definition that we launched this project.

My name is Sebastien. Living in the district of La Pontaise for almost 10 years, I was able to witness his metamorphosis. There are great places to have a coffee, a beer or a bite to eat.

For shopping, we have Coop and Migros, like any good neighborhood in Lausanne. But where are the green alternatives? Too far from the neighborhood to imagine going there on foot.

It is with this observation that we decided to embark, my wife and me. A loose shop in the district of La Pontaise. What we will offer you? A large choice of organic food, local as much as possible and the quantities you want.

And if we launched the bulk at home?

Imagine being able to order your quantities on our website and receive them directly from your home via a green delivery? This is the project we want to put in place at the opening. Thus, you will benefit from our products at home.

Basic Products: what’s next?

Our basic deodorant is according to the «superb» returns. In order to improve the manufacturing and to offer you other organic and quality cosmetic products, we need a workshop to develop our recipes. This shop will host a small laboratory in the back.

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Why install such a mode of operation?

Bulk is our future mode of consumption. With our shop, we give you the opportunity to better feed you, to be more local, and especially to do good to our planet without effort. Bulk is seeing the products, tasting them, feeling them and not being afraid to test something new. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to reduce the amount of waste in Switzerland.

We believe in bulk, and hope that this store will show you that there are alternative ways to eat well and reduce our carbon footprint.

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But what will serve the sum?

We want to work with local farmers to offer high quality organic products. The place will undergo some modifications to welcome you in the most beautiful conditions possible.

  • 12,000.- to make a stock so you do not miss anything.
  • 13’000.- to carry out the development work by a very talented craftsman using recycled materials.
  • 5’000.- for the purchase of silos.
  • 2’000.- for our cash register system.
  • 3,000.- for the installation of our laboratory.
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