The Project

The production of our new album is almost finished. Now we need your help to publish a very special CD: a small, limited edition, lovingly designed. The first single «She Smiles» can already be heard on various Swiss radio stations, which is why we want to build on this momentum and publish our new songs in a limited edition album titled «/2013». The CD cover made of untreated cardboard will be the work surface for Canadian-Swiss illustrator Aaron Schwartz. He will let the eleven new songs sink in and will then design the CD cover matching the music. We would be very pleased and honored to realize this project together with you!

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The Development

We were allowed to record these eleven songs at Alicia Keys’ New York Jungle City Studios with guest musicians such as guitarist Adam Levy (Norah Jones), cellist Yoed Nir (Regina Spektor, Rufus Wainwirght) and pianist/singer Annekei. The production was mixed by Tim Leitner (Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Cyndi Lauper) at the bar1nyc Studios, and mastered by Paul Logus (P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Public Enemy).

«Baum’s songs are on a global standard. It’s about time that they got discovered in Switzerland», says Swiss music critic Bänz Friedli. By now, Baum has turned into a live band with five members: Besides drummer Marc Hemantha Hufschmid, with whom he recorded and produced the new album in New York, Simon Winiger (guitar, piano, trumpet), Andreas Aeberhard (bass) and Marcel Vogler (vibraphone, percussion) are also integral parts of the formation.

The Costs

Thanks to the generosity of all people involved, we were able to keep costs of production fairly low. Without this cooperation, we would not have been able to go through with the recordings in New York. We greatly appreciate any help and therefore set our goals on a feasible level. Which is why, in this project, we would like to create a small, limited edition of our production in a real, sustainable manner.

Your Reward

The project lives by the concept of «give and take». For each contribution you provide to the project, you will receive a suitable reward. Besides the obvious – a signed CD of the limited edition – you can also profit from a space on the guest list, guitar lessons, drum workshops, backstage passes and even a private concert, according to the support category you choose.

We are very exited to complete this project with you and thank you in advance for your support.

The Artwork

Canada-Swiss Aaron Schwartz made his degree as a Major in Graphic Design at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver in 2009, now lives and works in Switzerland and is one of the most emerging talents among the local Illustrators. In addition, he works as a photographer in the field of snowboarding. His motto is simple and effective: «I like making stuff.»

Aaron says: «BAUM’s 2013 album makes me want to draw and paint with brushes and ink; it has a somewhat vintage and very natural feel to it. In a way it makes me nervous yet calms me down at the same time. As does the process of working with traditional tools. The craft and hand-made quality needs to be visible in the artwork, as it also does in the songs. I want to try and connect with the emotional side of things here, approach this more as an artist than a ’graphic designer’. I feel like it should be more emotional and raw than highly-thought-out and calculated design work. It’s just gotta feel good and natural!»