Help the bees and the beekeepers!

My name is Angela and I am a passionate beekeeper, doing apitherapy. Bees are in danger. The sale of honey often does not cover the cost and the labor of the beekeepers, who end up working for free. It is possible for the beekeeper to diversify by harvesting other bee products such as propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee venom, or enjoy the air of the hive, and therefore, increase his/her income.

I would like to share my knowledge in apitherapy and organize practical classes. These courses will be given by specialists, and teach the harvest and uses of the different treasures bees have to offer. A non-profit association called Beeapi has been created exactly for this purpose. Your generous support would be greatly appreciated, not to mention the nice compensations you would enjoy: honey, propolis, and postcards would be delivered before Christmas, and visits to the apiary or holidays in the wonderfull swiss mountains or the air of the hive would be available starting in April to see the bees fly.

I would like to thank you immensely for all your support in helping the bees and the beekeepers.

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My project is special because ...

The basics of beekeeping are well taught in Switzerland, but the training lacks courses on how to use all the bees’ complimentary treasures. So I created Beeapi, a non-profit organization, to offer one to two days themed courses. These courses are given by specialists in each field, and include the harvest and diverse uses of pollen, Royal gelee, bee venom, propolis, and air of the hive.

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This is what I need backing for.

Your generous support will serve in various ways: This type of specialized apicultural equipment is expensive. It requires solar electricity in the apiary, educational material, protective clothing, plates and tools to recover bee venom, pollen sorter, royal jelly vacuum, various prototypes of air from the hive, pollen traps, dry toilets next to the apiary, and the work of the graphic designer. These materials can be made available to beekeepings schools that request them. Beekeeping is based on knowledge sharing, and that is exactly what I intend to bring to this project, as it is very close to my heart. Any extra amount collected will be used to lower the tuition price in future classes, and therefore directly benefit the beekeepers.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

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