I wish to record a third album breaking through the internal barriers of the so called «classical» music.


The great composers of the glory years of ’classical’ music – which Ludwig van Beethoven is part of – wrote beautiful soloistic works for the most achieved instruments of that time, mostly the string instruments. The brass instruments and their interpreters being at the beginning of their evolution, both in terms of musicality and virtuosity, were dedicated of almost literally no major works.

Nowadays, brass instruments, both thanks to the teaching quality and their soloists, are increasingly able to tackle the technical complexity of works for strings and give a new reading of them, despite they were not the original dedicatee of these instrumental pieces.


Outreach purpose

In addition, the current world of classical music often swear only by these old masters and leave brass musicians,such as myself, clueless when they must come up with and defend an attractive repertoire for the concert halls, especially if «original» works of these big names are requested.

Finally, it is allowed to think that Beethoven would have written more for the trombone as soloist if he had lived in our time and had heard the wonders that the instrument is currently capable of.


The repertoire

I chose the 5 beautiful sonatas for cello and piano by the composer as the trombone and the cello shares the same range, which allows the trombonist to scrupulously respect the original score.

It is also worth mentioning that these sonatas were never yet recorded with trombone. This will then be a premiere.


Another of my goals is to promote my instrument so that it acquires the same respect and status that my colleagues string players and, by using their repertoire, penetrating their circles of influence (concert halls, radio stations, festivals, …)


practical details

The program consisting of nearly 1:30 of music, the recording will be burned on a double CD.

The recording will take place 15th – 17th of April 2016