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Hi @Saumitra, thanks for registering and commenting. According to the research of the group that I will accompany and who is working with Centro IDEAL in Chile, the acidification of the ocean in the region is also linked to the increasing freshwater (from glacial ice melting and entering the fjord, caused by increasing temperatures), leading to shifts in the marine ecosystems. Their current research project is in its fourth year, I encourage you to contact them directly for an in-depth exchange on the topic as I am sure they will be more than happy to talk to you. Best wishes.
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Acidification of ocean is not only linked with above the surface climate change but it is the manifestation of changes within the ocean floor due to tectonic disturbance in the terrain. It has been recorded in various oceanic parts that the ocean temperature salinity and ocean life is partly changing due to suboceanic changes. It may be a precursor of Earthquake or Tsunami.
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Dein Projekt gefällt uns – und gehört daher momentan zur Kategorie «Unsere Lieblinge»! Für die nächsten Tage erscheint es auf der Startseite und in der Kategorie «Empfohlene».
Ein guter Grund ein bisschen stolz zu sein und es allen zu erzählen: Verfasse eine News, einen Post oder Tweet!
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Thank all of you for believing in and supporting the project! 2000 haben wir schon geschafft! Drückt uns die Daumen, dass es weiter so geht!!
Such an amazing project. It’s actually quite hard not to back this incredible collaboration of artists, scientists and lovers of the world we live in. This helps us as a community and society to be more aware of what’s happening in our oceans right now.
Toi toi toi! Bon Voyage!
Important work being done by an artist whose sensitivity and curiosity are perfectly matched to it.
Ich denke, dass «Behold the Ocean» den nötigen Pep, Weitblick, Weisheit und einfach den spannenden Mix von Akosua V. beonhalten wird. Ausserdem ist das Projekt nah an der Zeit und aktuell. Deshalb unterstütze ich dieses Vorhaben gerne.