My music video project

I’m planning to do my first music video in English and Swiss-German. With your support my dream comes true!

To place myself and get the attention from an international audience my song needs a professional produced music video. «Time For Myself - I Bruche Zyt» will be made by producer and director Richard Perry (Perry Pictures UK/Los Angeles USA) and we will shoot at the «Hammerwood Park» mansion (East Grinstead UK). There will be a Swiss-German and English version.

The EP to the video was produced by Philipp Schweidler. He’s a known music producer from switzerland and works for Artists like: Seven, Marc Sway, Caroline Chevin and many more. Lyrics and music come from my feather.

Shooting date is the 19th september 2014 in Hammerwood Park. Presentation of the DVD and CD Relaunch will be in October/November in Schaan Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The video will be seen on youtube, amazon, iTunes an further international music channels.


Story behind the song «Time For Myself»

One morning, in my car on the way to work, I had to stop for people crossing the road. I saw them: stressed and busy. At that moment one enlightening thought came to my mind. Many people are trying to catch up with their life dreams, while time rushes by for those buried in day-to-day business so that they never reach their dreams. With this song, listeners can arise and appeal for more meaning, quality and depth in the further course of their life.

Time is a serious problem in our society. With my music video I would like to touch especially people that are in a difficulties with their life situation but also reach out to everybody spreading positiv energie power and strenght.

Life-to live, love, enjoy, keep on fighting, everyday is a gift. Be careful with your time because time is unrecoverable. The music video «Time For Myself» should give you courage, keep on going and show you it’s worth to fight.

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Presentation music video and CD relaunch

  1. 20.09.14 Hammerwood Park UK concert
  2. Oktober Swiss-wide breast cancer event
  3. 23.10.14 location Areal ZeTuP Rapperswil/SG (CH)
  4. October/November Music video and CD relaunch in the planning stage: Schaan (FL), Zurich, Berne (CH), London (UK)

Funding / benefits

For the realisation and presentation the total cost are CHF 37’000. Of this nearly CHF 20’000 has been confirmed with personal (contribution, productions confirmmation, sponsorship etc). The rest of the money I would like to get finance with crowdfounding and sponsoring.

Superduper is when you can help me and support me to realize that my dream comes true for my first music video «Time For Myself»

As a thank-you-gift you can get a special edition DVD included CD, music-, dance or singing classes or a concert for you and your friends / firm.

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