About us

Coopaso is a cultural no-profit cooperative which organises music events since 2011. Bellinzona Blues Sessions is an exhibition in his fourth year born to fill the gap due to the discontinuance of Piazza Blues Festival and the closure Grotto Paso: the purpose is to bring back the great musicians from the international Blues scene to Bellinzona. Coopaso organises all events thanks to a group of volunteers and friends of live music

Our story through images

This is the beginning of an incredible journey. Coopaso started from an intolerance manifestation against the live music to get to organize a Blues Festival in Bellinzona!

What we propose

Coopaso presents from June 25th to 27th the Bellinzona Blues 2015, Summer Sessions: a three-day Open Air in Piazza Governo in Bellinzona. Aware of the organizational and financial challenges, Coopaso tried to grow within its possibilities and could satisfy during these years the expectations of the exigent and competent audience with musical choices of high quality. Thanks to the success of the past editions Coopaso decided to expand the offer re-presenting an event on the same square which has been the scenarios of 22 editions of Piazza Blues. Beside the musical offer our guests can enjoy different interesting proposals going from food specialties, tastings of regional wines, artistic performances, a themed market and spaces dedicated to cultural offers. Everything for an entertainment «at 360°» open during the whole exhibition. In addition Coopaso offers the possibility of spending unforgettable moments in an exclusive area of the Festival (Exclusive Guest Area) with special services and benefits. Beside the main stage an area with a limited number of places offers the possibility of enjoying the concerts from a unique perspective: an area where we offer also the possibility of meeting the artists. The biggest news compared to the previous festival is a partial coverage of the square that guarantees that the concerts take place in all weather conditions.

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Why support us

Your support is fundamental because it helps us to bring back an important Festival that is missing since 5 years. But not only! Coopaso wants to guarantee free entry to the Open Air because one of Coopaso’s main purpose is to give everybody the possibility to spend unforgettable moments on the beautiful Piazza Governo in Bellinzona. A free entry allows everyone to be part and permits a heterogeneous ambience with visitors of all ages. Your support makes you part of this fantastic project, guarantees the continuity of this cultural proposal in our region and it helps Coopaso to cover the costs of the Festival.

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