Berlingot #3

Berlingot #3 is finally coming between your aroused fingers, in its rosy fluids frame… Compiling the artworks of 45 international artists (mostly outside Europe), Berlingot is exploring gender and sexuality fluidity since 2017. Enjoy 116 pages to discover photographs, illustrations, sculptures, paintings, and some scattered words…

It will be printed in 500 numbered copies on a high quality art paper in a french printing house (Tarn et Garonne) . Berlingot is a non profit self published edition directed by Marie Savage Slit since 2017.

Each issue is designed as a true paper object to be collected in a warm, precious and arousing environment. Berlingot is a compilation among 11 variant sections, just as multiple horizons to explore a landscape : Anatomy / Animal / Botanic / Energy / Solo / Fetish / Genderfuck / Rectum Versum / Up & Down / Ropes / Playlist.


AGOSTINA VALLE SAGGIO (Argentina) • DRY EROTICA (Puerto Rico) POPO FAN (China) • FOX HUANG (Taiwan) • FABIO LE FANU (Italy/France) • JOYCE LEE (South Korea) • LUKE GEORGE & DANIEL KOK (Australia / Singapore) • MUSK MING (China/Germany) • PLAY VEGAN (Israel) • RAQEEB RAZA (India) • SHU LEA SHEANG (Taiwan / France) • WANG JOJO (China/ France) • LOUKOUMH (Greece) • FRANCISCO HURTZ (Brazil) • SAGA ARBMAN (Sweden) • JAMES UNSWORTH (UK) • ALEXANDRA RUBINSTEIN (Russia/USA) • KIT KING (Canada) • G2THER (Puerto Rico) • MILK FOR MY COCONUT (Serbia/Germany) • FEFA LINS (Brazil) • CUENTASELOANTO (Spain) • ALEXANDRA KACHA (USA) GWANG YE (China) • NUDEGRAFIA (Brazil) • PAOLA DE LA CRUZ (Mulük) (Chile) • LAUREN BRITS (South Africa) • GRAHAM KOLBEINS (Canada/ USA) • [{«CIBELLE»(CAVALLI}BASTOS)] (Brazil / UK / Germany) • MEOW THE POLICE (Hong Kong/ USA) • CHLOE ROYER (France) • PHILLIP DVORAK (USA) • SVETLANA SOKOLOVSKAYA (Germany/Russia) • MAREMOTO (Mexico) • YOSSI MADAR (Israel) • DAMIEN FROST (UK) • RONY HERNANDEZ (Brazil) • CUCO CUCA (France) • SON OF THEO (Germany) • KEVIN TRAN (France) • VITO QUINTANS ( Brasil) • KATLYN TRACY (BAD.FATS) (USA) • FABER FRANCO (Colombia) • COREY K LAMB (Usa) • AHMET RÜSTEM EKICI (Turkey) • SHOUXINGXX (China) • DAVID URZÚA MARABOLÍ (Chile)…

  • a wine selection by Oenologouine,
  • a music selection by Johnny Hostile.

Berlingot #1 went out in June 2017 with 500 copies, Berlingot #2 in 2018 and several events and workshops were organized. The artbook and the events got a real enthusiasm and success and the adventure goes on since you are more and more to support and follow the project.

The events and workshops since 2017 : Workshop Facerope (with Amaury Grisel & Franckie Vega) / Betty Page Party (Le Moloko Toulouse) - La Veillée Berlingot - performances, shibari, readings …(Le Kalinka - Toulouse) / Screening ’My Body My Rules’ by Emilie Jouvet with DIAM Festival (Toulouse) - Extreme Cinema 2018 - 2019 (Toulouse) / Creating Pro-Sexe spaces by Felix Ruckert / Screening and performance ’Planete Kinbaku’ by Nathanael Friloux (Toulouse) / Workshop ’Squirt’ with Misungui (Toulouse) / Workshop ’Conscious Kink’ with Felix Ruckert (Toulouse) / Workshop ’Erotic Food’ (Toulouse - Paris ) / Workshop ’Erotic Variations with fruits’ by Olga Mathey (Toulouse) and the launching events at Le Salmanazar (Toulouse), Zeugma Bookshop (Paris) and Les Modernes bookshop (Grenoble)…


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An erotic artbook exploring gender and sexuality fluidity

Berlingot offers a composite space to erotic pictures among the vast diversity. Focused on the essence of bodies and desires, we move through Art between all genders and all sexual orientations. Each artist and each picture is carefully selected and takes place on a clever and well-made path.

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This is what I need backing for.

Budget :

Printing : 5600 €

Shipping : 1800 €

Communication and rewards : 280 €

Commission We Make It (10%) = 800€

TOTAL = 8480 €

If we go over this budget, the sum of money will be invested in launching events in Bruxelles and Paris during Spring 2020.