WHAT IS OUR IDEA? Rapid integration - Coaching and care for refugee and migrant community.

35% of the Swiss population are refugees & migrants. Lack of support makes it hard to get through. I know it because this is also my life story. My mission is to coach this group to utilise their strengths.

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WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS PROJECT? We will combine professional and emotional coaching.

As humans we can’t separate emotional and professional well being as they belong together. We only thrive when we have both parts balanced.

My research showed that existing offers on the market address one or another aspect, but not both. There’s either emotional healing or professional coaching.

I believe it’s important to combine those two competences together and achieve integrity.

Become part of my initiative to make a rapid difference in the lives of refugees and migrants. With a quality coaching they will gain the power to give back with interest, rapidly and sustainably.

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WHY DO WE DO CROWDFUNDING? I’m truly grateful to receive your support to cover the education fee for a business coach academic programme and certification.

  • Empowering a refugees and migrants community to thrive and contribute to the Swiss society.*


I’ve been living in Switzerland for 13 years and I know how challenging it is to pursue own career and dreams in a new environment.

Meeting requirements, fulfilling expectations and building network takes a massive effort, not to mention the cultural distance and unjust treatment, which reduces confidence and raises self-doubt. It weakens body and mind. This is when my clients come to me. They ask for emotional healing.

I help them to recover from emotional pain. However this is only temporary relief unless they also grow professionally. My goal is to continue helping them in their career development journey. And for this I need an additional training.

To extend my support to refugees and migrants I have the necessity to obtain a degree in business coaching. The expenses exceed my capabilities and therefore I’m looking for a support to finance my educational programme.

*WHAT CAN WE DO TOGETHER? * Together we can help a refugees and migrants community to go beyond survival. With the right coaching people have better opportunities to utilise their full potential and contribute to our Swiss society.

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