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Support our Bike Excursions

This August 2017 we will start with weekly bike excursions for minimum one year with the people grounded since months on Lesvos island, waiting for asylum, relocation or family reunification. Fellow humans like you and me, who escaped from war. They urgently need a change from their sad and frustrating camp routine. Please help us to support people who seek refuge.

You find us as well on Facebook

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We need financial support for following items

  • CHF 2’500: bike helmets for adults and teenagers
  • CHF 2’000: food & beverages during the excursions
  • CHF 2’000: repair material to maintain our bikes
  • CHF 2’000: travel by car from Zurich to Lesvos incl. ferry ticket
  • CHF 1’500: garage rent for one year for the bikes

We are being supported by