BinGo, At-home recycling

by BinGo

Geneva, Nyon, and Lausanne

Change your vision of recycling! The home recycling subscription that will change your life. Up to ten types of waste centralised in one bin collected directly from your home.

CHF 7’455

24% of CHF 30’000

24 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 12/2/2023

What is BinGo?

The task of recycling is a tedious but mandatory task for all households and companies. BinGo is there to make this process easier and therefore save time for other activities while actively participating in sustainable development.

Our offer is complete, from the supply of an adapted and qualitative container for your home, to the recurrent collection of waste and the sorting of the different waste. At BinGo, we sort for you!

The BinGo solution does not require different sorting bins. Up to ten different types of waste can be centralised in one bin. Then our teams guarantee 100% reliable sorting of all your waste thanks to artificial intelligence with the help of pioneering companies in this field.

It’s a turnkey solution that allows you to completely get rid of the chore of going to the waste collection centre, the journeys and the time wasted. You save a lot of space.

This solution was designed for senior citizens with a container on wheels that requires no force to move it and a simple pedal to open it without ever having to bend down.

But don’t panic, whether you are alone, a couple, with children, without children, sharing a flat, at your parents’ or even at the office, BinGo is also made for you!

The service will be available from Geneva to Lausanne and then we will increase the area little by little. Don’t hesitate to contact us to make sure we come to you.

Why should you trust BinGo?

Edouard and Romain, two young and passionate entrepreneurs, have made it their mission to facilitate and improve people’s daily lives in an ecological way.

The sorting of waste is essential, as recycling reduces the quantity of waste and CO2 emissions, preserves resources, reduces energy consumption and helps to keep raw materials in Switzerland. Unfortunately, sorting errors in the selective collection process lead to higher sorting costs and, above all, pollute the remaining recycled material.

That’s why BinGo doesn’t ask you to never sort again, we just offer to help you do it better.

Did you know that in Geneva alone 45,000 tons of waste are incinerated per year when they could have been sorted, recycled and reused? This represents more than 4X the weight of the Eiffel Tower, and yes, that’s PET thrown in the wrong bin!

Let’s also talk about people who don’t live in the city, they go to the waste disposal centre with their private vehicles. It’s between 35-55 minutes per journey, per household and therefore per car. BinGo makes it possible to pool all these journeys and therefore to be much more efficient in terms of energy.

And finally, isn’t simply saving time to spend with family and friends while doing something for the planet enough to make you happy?

You have never been so close to winning the jackpot!

Join this human adventure!

This first level of 30’000 CHF will allow us to start our project by financing our first vehicle and the creation of our website. It will allow us to launch our activity in the whole of French-speaking Switzerland.

If we manage to exceed our first level, we will be able to refine the customer experience by adding a mobile application to our offer.

Environmental and social impact :

  1. Optimal waste sorting

  2. Improvement and optimisation of routes

  3. Providing practical help for people with reduced mobility

Welcome to BinGo!

We hope with all our heart that thanks to you, this beautiful project will come to fruition, and we thank you very much in advance.