This is what it's all about.

Would you like to taste an Elixir obtained from cold infusion, by selecting fine Swiss herbs, flowers, seeds, berries and roots, Italian citrus fruits and overseas spices? Or a coffee or chocolate cream, made with zero mile organic raw milk? Or a vegan cream with no milk? Or a PDO Liquorice elixir? All this will be possible also thanks to your support! Would you like to know how?

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My project is special because ...

The Wizard, the Super-Hero and the Technologist We are three, but we do all one can for the venture! I am Luca, I have a thing about natural preparations, I am mad about organic, and I have always been fascinated by the ancient recipes born of centuries of attempts and tastings. To prepare myself, I studied alchemy and herbal medicine. My dream took me away, through artisan distilleries and ancient monasteries. I patiently wormed the secrets of the liqueurs produced by the Monks in the Abbeys, with the intention of reproducing these delights on a larger scale, while preserving the same skilled maceration technique, essence extraction, blending, ageing, percolating and bottling. My partner Matteo helps me with all the organization: he is a technology wizard and he passes me on all his twenty-year-old charge to immerse myself in this project. To complete the threesome there is Pietro, a real strength of nature. His handicap, instead of stopping him, made him as strong as granite and insuperable: after his accident, he gave up treatments with chemical medications and he studied and experimented with natural medicine. He then entered University and, with two study grants, he took a degree in herbal techniques, after studying nutrition among the other things. To better «understand» his body and its possibilities under extreme pressure, he became a Paralympic athlete in both skiing and water-skiing, sweeping up national, European and world medals. He holds three unbroken world records and he is always first in line for final victory in every competition he takes.

Eureka: the idea! Who is going to stop us now? We are planning to open a workshop to produce liquid and creamy elixirs, distillates and liqueurs. As you do, we love organic and quality, but we noticed that so far there is very little around regarding alcoholic drinks that yet are very important in our life’s energy and health.

Kalos kai Agathos – Beautiful or delicious? You tell us! We are offering you an innovative way of drinking, with certified organic raw materials, coming from the fair-trade market or from local productions and with products suitable for intolerant people. To produce and to distribute our products, we use renewable energies and packaging made of recycled materials, to reduce as much as possible an ethically upstanding environmental impact, by choosing the best raw materials available on the market and of secure traceability.

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This is what I need backing for.

Why is your help so invaluable? We have devoted over one thousand hours to researches, with patience and love, and to testing and developing our products without additives or artificial colourings. We are attentive and interested in meeting the requirements of all the consumers, including those who suffer from food intolerances. With our possibilities and a lot of enthusiasm, we have scraped together CHF 50.000. We are now gathering friends and fans to collect at least as much. If, thanks to you, we will put together another CHF 50.000, we will be able to buy all the equipment and raw materials needed to start the first production.

Look forward to the reward your palate will receive when you will taste a product that is not on the market yet and that will be realized with the best raw materials, for you and thanks to you. In return, there is a whole treasure chest full of delicious products: from the long-awaited chocolate cream (vegan and non-vegan), the coffee cream, the PDO liquorice and the ginger elixir, and coupons as well as participations, things that can knock your socks off! This first production is our first creature and we did not want to miss anything. We have conceived a range of «jewel» bottles: screen-printed, numbered, limited edition and personalized with your name or the name of your loved ones. We put nature and genuineness first. Do you stand with us as well? Therefore … MANY THANKS INDEED!

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