Cut the CO2 emission of current vehicles thanks to the use of biofuels (Bioethanol, Biodiesel, SAF), our objective is to provide the Swiss people with those at a competitive price.

CHF 1’371

5% of CHF 25’000

5 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 25/11/2023

Biofuels produce and deliver at your front door to reduce your CO2 emissions !

Our objective, at the Yellow Company, is to provide the Swiss people with biofuels matching their current vehicle. The fuels are delivered to your front door no matter the amount needed; we’ll deliver 35, 55, or 85 liters, no problem! The biofuels we provide follow the Swiss guidelines about production, we don’t use products that could be eaten by us humans or our best friends, animals

  • Me doing a delivery (looking somewhere in a tree...)
    Me doing a delivery (looking somewhere in a tree...)
  • @Home Delivery
    @Home Delivery
  • with the delivery truck
    with the delivery truck

Our project is special because ...

We provide EVERYTHING; from your vehicle adaptation with Swiss approval to the biofuels deliveries at your front door and hopefully the biofuels productions with local waste. We want you to have a great experience without any issues. The vehicle adaptation includes; home pick-up, flex-fuel adaptation (you could run both fuels at any proportionality), Swiss CERTIFICATION, a new grey card, and returned to you with a FULL tank! The whole process is starting at 899.- CHF, we know that this amount could scare you… but we got an average of a 6-month ROI, if not sooner, thanks to the vehicle and boat department ecological refund (SAN in French) The biofuels are delivered to your doorstep or anywhere in our delivery zone which could be seen in the second picture

  • All Inclusive
    All Inclusive
  • Swiss Certified
    Swiss Certified

This is what we need backing for

Get the equipment needed to provide the services described before; the car trailer, and our mobile/static tanks. We also need to cover all the insurance fees without forgetting the fire prevention standards we need to comply. After all of that, we need something left to start the business!

  • Pie chart
    Pie chart
  • the delivery truck (already got this one)
    the delivery truck (already got this one)
  • car trailer
    car trailer
  • biofuel tank
    biofuel tank
  • insurance