What is the COR ?

Founded in 1975 by Patrick Jacot and other enthusiasts, the Centre Ornithologique de Réadaptation (COR) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving birdlife in and around Geneva.

The C.O.R is run by Clémence Cretton, directress of the C.O.R, Patrick Jacot, founder of the C.O.R, Emilie Bréthaut, veterinarian and many other volunteers, biologists and avid ornithologists.

The first vocation of the C.O.R is to help wild birds injured, sick or fallen from the nest, either by interventions in the field or by their care to ensure all necessary care until their return to the wild life.

To ensure this work, the C.O.R has two infirmaries, a veterinary unit, a high quarantine room, two nurseries and thirty aviaries of various sizes. Different biotopes have been set up in these aviaries to maximize the chances of species rehabilitating wildlife.

Over the years, the C.O.R has also diversified its field of action with the establishment of facilities for protected species such as the house martin, the barn swallow or the common swift.

The COR also fulfils other missions, such as sensitising the general public to the protection of birdlife during events or interventions with schools. It also plays a socio-economic role by offering numerous internships every year.

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Why a health center?

Every year in Switzerland, thousands of wild birds are found injured, fallen from the nest too early, sick or weak. The destruction of their environment or the misuse of pesticides are just two examples causing an imbalance in the ecosystem, responsible for the decline of a large number of species. The disappearance of many bird species is an alarming subject and it is more than ever necessary to act.

Protecting birds is COR’s vocation for nearly 45 years and this mission is always more important since the number of birds in care is increasing. Today, the COR supports more than 1’900 birds a year!

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Help us to help them

The COR receives many calls from people wishing to help birds in difficulty, but not always having the means to intervene or to move. Our volunteers work hard every day to respond to these requests by organising the rescue of many birds in the Geneva region, thanks to the work of a united and dedicated team.

If we appeal to you today, it is to continue to treat many birds and give them back their freedom. On the one hand, your contribution would allow us to rejuvenate our intervention service by buying a new vehicle, the former already accumulating more than 200,000 km after many years of loyal service. This vehicle, which is essential today for us, will be used for the transport of equipment but will be especially dedicated to the emergency interventions that the COR carries out daily to help birds in distress. As the activity of the center is in perpetual growth and the number of calls received is always greater, it seems to us essential to acquire a new vehicle that is more robust and spacious.

On the other hand, your support would allow us to deal with the constant need to maintain stocks of food, medical and surgical equipment, as well as all the equipment essential to the well-being of the birds during their stay at the COR. The COR is more than ever anxious to constantly evolve to allow better management of birds. The acquisition of a new vehicle and the maintenance of stocks will be possible only through the obtaining of funds and it is for this reason that we turn to you! Help us help with your donations!

The birds need you!

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