Birgit Graschopf. Monograph.

About this project

A book of my art work. The presented projects incorporate multiple media – photography, performance, installation, video and drawing – to display human beings in modern society, in their personal, social and local environments. The monograph will be published by the Verlag für Moderne Kunst and will include contributions by 5 scholars that discuss the different emphases of my work, in English and German. The expected date of publication is June 2016.

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The purpose

The book will be an extensive, curated overview of the complex oeuvre developed over 17 intense and thrilling years. This is my first monograph and I think this is the right moment for it. The accompanying commentaries and essays of the scholars will increase understanding of my work through historical and philosophical contextualization. With this bilingual monograph it will be possible to reach and to inspire a wider international audience than ever before!

Crowdfunding: EUR 9’000

100% of which will be used towards printing expenses.

Total costs: EUR 20’000

The remaining EUR 11’000 will be covered by a public catalogue sponsorship (EUR 2’000) and me (EUR 9’000), and will be absorbed by the remaining printing costs, graphic designer, scholars, editorial office, translation, publishing house, marketing. Edition of 1000 books.

Illustrations of my limited editions

Abbildungen zu den limitierten Editionen:

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