What is «BixAn.ch works!» about?

Demand for leisure activities is increasing The demand for leisure and childcare facilities for school-aged children is increasing. These are places where education and mentoring take place in different formats. Offers of youth employment, remedial courses in a foreign language or robot courses are only a few examples.

Promote education for everyone - accessibility

Although it is known that a variety of recreational activities (courses and recreational spaces) significantly promotes successful growth, this remains inaccessible to many children. The reason for this is that many parents and professionals do not know about the various offers. In addition, there is often a lack of time for Internet research or no knowledge of access to high-quality and partially subsidized services. In particular, the children of socially disadvantaged parents remain excluded.

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Networking of parents and leisure-time providers

The platform BixAn.ch links various educational offers and leisure activities with parents and professionals and gives them an overview of the jungle of offers. Particular attention is paid to socially disadvantaged parents. The platform also encourages the involvement of parents, professionals and providers on the basis of good practice offers that can be activated and recommended.

Development of user-friendly website

The project is about the development of a user-friendly and interactive website that makes educational and leisure activities easy and accessible to all. The Platform BixAn.ch is a database of input options (postcode, target group, area) designed to greatly simplify the search for a suitable service. In addition, social disadvantaged parents are specifically sought.


Practice and research - hand in hand

«BixAn.ch works!» is a research project that includes the development of the website as a first step. For this purpose, existing websites on this topic are analysed and an exchange with the responsible persons carried out, in order to include experience values and starting points. For the Zurich area there is a collaboration between Emanuela Chiapparini (research, ZHAW) and Ivica Petrušić (youth work, OKAJ).

Collaborations in other cities and cantons are planned and depend on the response of the research project «BixAn.ch works».

In a second step, the use and the impact of the website are examined. The findings flow into their further development.

We need your support!

«BixAn.ch works!» can only be created with your support: start by donating contribution and keep it up. With your help, in BixAn.ch 2019 can go live and give many children access to great offers.

Thank you for your cooperation.