In our video we have stopped by at Poli Julen, our Blacknose sheep expert of the Hotel Julen and at Uwe Siegrist our brewer of the Freiburger Biermanufaktur. You will see – Blacknose is teamwork.

The Label

Our label was designed by Philipp Thöni from BlackYard:

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The Hay

The hay is originated from a «Mettältje» of the family Julen:

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The Beer

The Beer is brewed by Uwe Siegrist in his brewery in Fribourg:

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The Story

On a road trip in fall thru Colorado my wife and I tasted our first Mountain Pale Ale. We wanted to know what the difference between a Mountain and a regular Pale Ale is. The answer in a nutshell: «The fresh mountain water of course.» This answer made us Swiss people smile.

During on of our trips to Zermatt Ruedi Julen talked us in to brew our Mountain Pale Ale with hay of the Blacknose sheeps of his nephew Poli. For this crazy idea we had to convince our brewers Stéphane and Uwe from the Freiburger Biermanufaktur.

Your Support

To brew a Blacknose beer we do not need a lot of things. Hops (Columbus, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria and Willamette), malt Water and the hay (of Poli Julen, Zermatt). A brewery and two excellent brewers (Freiburger Biermanufaktur, Fribourg). And a bottling plant (Felsenau, Bern) Unfortunately we can’t brew just a few liters. To start we have to order a 1’000 liters. Therefore we need a lot of BEER DRINKERS. YOU and all your friends!

Your Reward

We reward you support with beer from our first brew (your Gaschos), a shirt (limited to 3 shirts), a brewery tour (limited to 2 tours) or a weekend in Zermatt (limited to 1 weekend).