A place, serious like a dream, brought to life by people serious about making this too serious and frivolously absurd world a better place.

Firstly, we suggest that you watch our film (above), shot by one of our members in our future premises. You will understand why we need funds for the refurbishment (ventilation, water closets, renovation,…)

In the spirit of the Blatte Bar, the Blatte Association is now working on a new place and space, far from stereotypes, far from any New Age and going on the rampage, let’s say … neither faschionism, nor sectarian or identitarian; rather able to be changeable, messing around melting pots, ageless angels, a little libertarian…

A bar with sidereal and staggering cocktails at friendly prices. Walls to be filled, space to be conquered, a stage to be shaken, given for free to the artists. Theatre, cinema, burlesque, for your wide open eyes. Music to experiment as a stream of life. A library where dust has no place. Games to share. Knowledge-sharing workshops, did you know that? How about deconstructing and reconstructing the world like an origami every night? In short, everything or anything, but dream for sure.

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Why you should support this project

We request your support, because more used to give than to ask for, more used to gather than to amass, now that the time has come to build up this dream, we need some kind of help. So, if you don’t want that dream to tear apart, make it happen with us. Once you’ll taste the Blatte, you’ll forever be softly starving of it.

As you can see from our photos and film, our new premises need renovating. Your support would be greatly appreciated so that we can, once again, open the Blatte