a book about the architect's library

Bogdan Bogdanović Biblioteka Beograd documents the library of the prominent Belgrade architect, writer, and professor Bogdan Bogdanović, who is internationally known for his numerous World War II memorials scattered all over former Yugoslavia. The book aims to reveal both the physical content of the library with a selection of 350 books and the atmosphere of the apartment in Belgrade where Bogdanović resided with his wife Ksenija Anastasijević Bogdanović during the most prolific period of his career. Additionaly the former director of Vienna’s center of architecture – Dietmar Steiner – shares his memories of Bogdanović especially the time when he arrived in Vienna.

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The Library

Within a short time of 7 days a team of 7 librarians indexed the library of around 4000 books and other items. This publication will show a selection of 300 books with their covers and 50 titles with short reviews. The process itself has been documented and is part the book. Beyond the book there is a plan for the future to make the complete library available on the internet. One of our rewards is a beautiful design poster with an image showing the librarians at work.

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We need support for the production of the book

While we have received some funding we are still lacking some substantial financing to actually produce the book. Also the archiving and indexing of the library is a tremendous working process. Besides of the book itself we put together some special rewards to please our backers: you can get a fine-art-print (archive-pigment-inkjet) of a view of the apartment or a beautifully designed poster - both with or without the book. Special tour in Belgrade guided by Jelica Jovanović.

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