Help!By Natalia Gianinazzi, on 12/12/2016 21:53

The Vernissage has been great! Thank you to everyone who came over.
A friend of mine is making a diploma work on crowdfunding and would need some help. Please fill up his survey: it is just taking a couple of minutes….


SAVE THE DATEBy Natalia Gianinazzi, on 15/11/2016 09:13

The Vernissage of the book is the 4th of December from 14.00 untill 17.00 at Qwstion Invites Store in Zürich! More infos will follow….I am happy to see you there and have a drink with you!

The book is here!By Natalia Gianinazzi, on 23/8/2016 19:22

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And it will be in your hands very soon, I will contact each one of you personally within the next few days…

YEAH!By Natalia Gianinazzi, on 6/7/2016 14:20

The book is finally finished and was sent to print today!

Almost all the rewards are ready too….we will give informations about the vernissage very soon! Thank you again very much…

You can follow some of the «making of» of the book here:
there will be regular posts about how we made it… in progress!By Natalia Gianinazzi, on 1/6/2016 13:56


Short updateBy Natalia Gianinazzi, on 1/3/2016 14:22

Hello everybody!

A month already went by, so i thought is time to make you a little update about the project.
Untill the end of the month we will have all the material ready and we will start working on the final design in April. Meanwhile we are looking for some more money that will help with the production…cross fingers ;-)
We plan to print the book in July/August and be ready in September…

Big hugs to all of you
Mamma Gruesli

100%!!!!By Natalia Gianinazzi, on 28/1/2016 22:39

Gruesli Family: WE MADE IT! So proud of you! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

90%!!!By Natalia Gianinazzi, on 26/1/2016 16:27

90% reached!!!! YEAH!!! Thank you soooo much…we almost made it….Now cross fingers for the next few days…

New RewardsBy Natalia Gianinazzi, on 10/1/2016 14:06

We added some new rewards last week…..there is a missing reward that you would like to have? Any wishes?