The project

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A book of 365 captioned photographs (in French, German and English). A unique project, which is close to my heart, aiming to produce quality photography every day in connection with a long trip. A daily challenge. Varied images of landscapes, towns, villages, fauna and flora, exclusively. The specificity of the project is also to offer you the possibility of choosing the cover of the book.


This book also represents a desire to bounce back, not to let go. Indeed, despite careful preparation and substantial efforts (resignations, sale of the home, etc.), the dream destinations could not be reached, due to the health constraints linked to the covid which began in the spring of 2020. Regardless, the trip took place and 365 images are included in this work, selected from over 150,000 photos and taken between August 10, 2020 and August 9, 2021. In total, six countries were visited and two crossed. My desire is to offer a varied vision of the sites and regions visited, with the watchword that today's image does not resemble that of yesterday or that of tomorrow.

Crowdfunding aims to finance printing and identify the number of copies to be produced (to avoid wasting).

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How is the book composed?

The format of the book has been optimised to:

- Give a beautiful setting to the images.

- Have a pleasant format to consult.

- Vary the dimensions of the images to obtain dynamic content.

The book is 252x172 mm (landscape), with more than 200 pages, a hard cover and an internal wire binding. In addition to the book, a story of the trip will be sent by email in the desired language: (French, German or English) or downloadable from my website. The book will be printed in Switzerland, by an Imprim'Vert and MyClimate certified company, using FSC papers. Printing will take place during the month of November, for backers to receive their rewards in early December 2021.

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Support the project

To contribute to a unique project and vote on the choice of book cover.

To obtain the autographed book (depending on the reward chosen).

To have an original gift, ready before the end of the year holidays.

For all my sympathy for your valuable participation.


I offer 3 variations of the book cover (below). You choose the preferred one (n ° 1, 2 or 3). The most popular will adorn the printed book. I will decide in the event of a tie.


Visit my website to know my work:

They talk about me on Canal Alpha (in French).

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