A shelter for bulldogs. We will open a reception center to temporarily accommodate the dozens of dogs we place every year. Support us for the opening of this wonderful project !

CHF 60’400

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 1/5/2021

Why open a shelter ?

Since 2009, the Association Bouledogue Attitude’s mission is to replace bulldogs and dogs of similar breeds that have been abandoned in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The fashion around these flat faces has unfortunately increased tenfold and Bouledogue Attitude is not short of work: since 2015, more than 300 dogs have been recovered and successfully replaced with courageous and loving families.

In view of the increase in abandonment, Bouledogue Attitude has taken a radical decision : open a shelter in Neyruz-sur-Moudon!

Today, the usefulness of a refuge tailored to bulldogs is obvious. Not only because, without it, we cannot accept all the dogs that need to be placed, but also because we must offer bulldogs a peaceful environment adapted to their character, which traditional kennels cannot always do.

The opening of the shelter will give our commitment a much greater efficiency. The Foundation will also have a better exhibition and a meeting place for members, adopters, partners and the just curious people.

The Bouledogue Attitude Foundation relies on a Board of 6 members, but above all on a large team of volunteers, who have been loyal since day one. Volunteers whom the Foundation can count on during events, such as for the care and replacement of dogs.

Without the volunteers, Bouledogue Attitude’s action would be non-existent. Their dedication and enthusiasm are admirable and indispensable.

How is it different from other shelters?

The bulldog is a dog that does not tolerate loneliness and is very attached to humans. It is also quite cozy, despite a physique that claims the opposite…

The shelter will therefore offer quality support and care guaranteed by professionals in the field, as well as a specific habitat, which is completely different from that found in classic kennels and resembles more the warm atmosphere of an apartment. It is fundamental that the residents can live there with maximum well-being.

The Foundation has already taken an important step towards its goal, making a large investment to acquire the appropriate property. The project is therefore on track and already benefits from the endorsement of the commune of Neyruz-sur-Moudon, as well as the cantonal veterinary service. However, this structure needs to be adapted to veterinary standards and health requirements. The transformation of the house and the garden will require a lot of work and this is where YOU come in!

Now that you know more about the Foundation and about these extraordinary characters that are the bulldogs and their cousins, we hope that you will take a benevolent look at our action.

What is certain for the Bulldog Attitude Foundation, is that WE NEED YOU!

  • Kimoune and Gucci in love
    Kimoune and Gucci in love
  • Such master, such dog
    Such master, such dog
  • Jeko, the Staffie makes his parents so happy
    Jeko, the Staffie makes his parents so happy
  • Thelma, the «bully model»
    Thelma, the «bully model»
  • Pol, so happy in his new family
    Pol, so happy in his new family
  • Bruce, moved in with a fantastic family
    Bruce, moved in with a fantastic family

THANK YOU for your support!

The Bouledogue Attitude Foundation has set a first step for this Crowdfunding campaign: 40’000 francs. This sum will allow the installation of the fences required by the cantonal veterinarian around the property. A security lock will also be placed at the entrance of the shelter, while a room will be set up outside for the store.

If successful, the objective will be to reach a second level: 60,000 francs. The additional 20,000 francs will be spent on the interior layout: creation of an infirmary, a grooming area and the installation of partitions for the comfort and tranquility of the dogs.

  • Léon, the Batman fan
    Léon, the Batman fan
  • Fiona, Kawa, Indy and Hellie, the flat-nose gang !
    Fiona, Kawa, Indy and Hellie, the flat-nose gang !
  • Oxmo and his «big» pal, the chihuahua
    Oxmo and his «big» pal, the chihuahua
  • Gisèle, ma belle, these are words that go together well
    Gisèle, ma belle, these are words that go together well
  • Blade, children's best friend
    Blade, children's best friend
  • Louise «Federer»
    Louise «Federer»