Bryan Benner: The Modern Man

de Bryan Davis Benner

Vienne, Londres et New York

Frontman and founder of The Erlkings, Die Wandervögel and The Pool Boys, Bryan Benner presents his first solo album of original songs.

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Vocals, Guitar and Poetry by the Sea

This will be a double album production of 18 songs that still speak to me and might speak to you. I promise clean vocals, well thought out guitar accompaniment, and as much honesty as my 30 years can manage. The whole album will be recorded by the sea in Kamala Beach, Thailand. Rather than a studio recording, I’ve chosen to allow the sounds of the waves, birds and occasional scooter to accompany the songs.

The Modern Man

«The Modern Man» is a collection of new songs in which I continue to explore truth, sexuality, freedom and all the things that prevent me from enjoying these first three things as much as I’d like to. I’m asking the question «What does it mean to be a modern man or woman?» and why is it that as soon as we begin to understand our place in the world, it changes? Join me in asking these questions and embracing their lack of answers.

The Modern Man (lyrics by Bryan Benner)

Letting go of who I used to be Leaves behind a whole new soul One that I don’t know It’s the only way that I can see That I could ever be Happy on my own

I’ll find my peace at the end of me I’ll love again only when I’m free

To know myself I look out at the world But to know the world I look back inside myself It’s the only way that I can know Which voices are my own And which ones I don’t need

I’ll find my peace at the end of me I’ll love again only when I’m free

I’ve been looking around from the sky to the ground Just hoping that I can Find it in me, the key to be the ideal Modern Man And I know it could stretch out the heart in my chest If I could grow past what I am Even if I have to die a thousand times by my own hand

I’ll find my peace at the end of me I’ll love again only when I’m free