Our project

We are Burnham Lads Club, a Geneva-based band with a definitely British sound.

After some years writing and arranging songs, we are ready to release our first album, «Inland Empire», whose sound and poetry takes the listener on a journey that blurs the borders of reality and fiction, past and present, storytelling and memories, walking a thin line between the realms of daydreaming, sadness and mad hopes.

The album will be made of twelve songs, some of which can already be listened to in their demo versions on Soundcloud or mx3.ch

It will not only be a nice object to listen to and to look at, it will also help us find gigs, a producer and a record label.

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What needs to be done

The songs were recorded over the last two years on our mobile home-studio, and they now need a professional make-over (mixing and mastering) before we can release the album as a CD / Vinyl record.

We have found the right studio in the US, but we need funds to make it happen.

So join in, and have the satisfaction both to be part of the project and to get your copy- or more than that, depending on your contribution (in case we don’t reach the target sum, you get your full contribution back).

With you!

At this stage, we still need CHF 4000 (around £ 3000 / US $ 4000) to pay for:

  • Studio mixing and mastering
  • CDs and Vinyl records, including sleeves / covers
  • T-shirts, p & p (shipping and handling)

If, thanks to your generosity, we gather more than this sum, we will use the extra money to enhance the quality of the album (re-recording tracks, paying an artist for the cover artwork, etc.).

With the help of your contribution, we are looking forward to sharing our music with you! Don’t forget to check how the project is doing on our Facebook page.

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