Every piece of bread has its story. With your support, this project follows the men and women whose livelihood is our daily bread and let a photo book tell the stories of humans on farms and ranches.

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Humans stilling hunger

At the beginning of our civilisation, there was agriculture. A lot of time has passed since and – at least to a large extend in Western societies – we luckily no longer need to worry about food. An yet is the number of those who have stilled our hunger over centuries declining. With this project I want to tell with photography about those men and women who do not relinquish to dedicate their life to their farm or ranch, who make their products something special and most of all remind us that food is anything but granted.

At the crossroads

A little bit more than a year ago I have already had the chance to take some pictures of farmers and ranchers and their products (which you can see on this page). I learned how much their character is formed by both courage and worries to keep on working a farm or a ranch. Each and everyone of them goes their own way in doing so, and yet, their craft to satisfy the basic needs of other people unites them. I hope to narrate with my pictures about the challenges and inner rewards of this deep humaneness.

This is what I need backing for

Even though this project has been on my mind for quite a while now, there is a reason why I’d ask you to support me now: In the beginning of April, a good part of my camera equipment was stolen, for which I have saved a very long time and wanted to professionalise my photography with. Hence, your support will not only help me to replace the tools but also allow me to cover for material cost (book, prints) which at the moment I could not afford otherwise.