Support our young amateur talents from Zürich area to learn the art of musical theatre and perform in a professional stage production - «Cabaret» - at the renowned Millers Theatre.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 29/7/2022

A dream come true for our young talents!

We are Close Encounters Theatre, a dynamic female-founded and led theatre company in Zurich. Our productions enable youth and adults of Zürich and surrounding regions to learn the arts of acting, singing and dancing and to appear in professional-quality productions. We are producing the musical «Cabaret» which we will perform at Millers in Zurich in October 2022. Our project gives young actors from the Zurich area the unique opportunity to participate in a main-stage production in one of Zürich’s most renowned theatres. The actors are young adults between the ages of 15 and 30. All are amateurs. Over a period of six months, from May to October 2022, we will train them in acting, singing and dancing and prepare them for their stage performance. A local live band will support the actors. The musical will be performed in English.

As a female-founded, female-led and predominantly female staffed company, Close Encounters Theatre demonstrates to the younger generations we work with that women can establish and run their own companies, direct major-stage productions, be playwrights, music directors, choreographers, actors, costume and set designers and more. These roles are typically «behind the scenes» and hence not as visible to youth when deciding upon their career paths. Our work therefore makes these roles more visible and inspiring to the youth we educate and train in the arts. Importantly, learning performing arts builds confidence in individuals, which is essential for a healthy sense of self and is an important motivator for youth.

A dream come true for our young talents!

Our project offers young adults a great opportunity to gain an insight into the world of acting, singing and dancing and to perform in a professional theatre. Common side effects include greater self-confidence, teamwork, cultural exchange and improved English skills.

This is why we need backing

Our production will be professionally produced, with a lot of passion and countless hours of work. We, Tara Brodin (Director), Sivan Perlstein (Choreographer) and David Bircher (Music Director) are the Artistic team behind Cabaret. We will hire local live musicians, and experienced stage designers and light and sound technicians for our production. We have booked the perfect professional stage at Millers Theatre in Kulturareal Mühle Tiefenbrunnen. We will bring a professional show to the stage to offer our young actors an unforgettable experience. The production of our musical costs a lot of money and currently some members of our crew are working without pay. Your support helps us to cover some of the costs, e.g. for the costumes, the stage design, the musicians and our lighting technician.