Cake World Record!

by SweetyCakes


On January 15th we will present the world novelty and the world record: The first and greatest wearable cake wedding dress!

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The crazy idea..

A few years ago, I was in the middle of my work as a cake designer, in my then tiny «shop», at the back of my mini studio and busy designing a wedding cake, when I had a crazy idea: How great would it be if a whole wedding dress was made of cake..? A few days later, my youngest daughter Elli was already the model for the first attempt at the most difficult part: how is it possible to construct the part of the dress that has to be worn on the skin in such a way that it holds up..? It wasn’t perfect, but perfect for the first time. In the meantime, the required space and a professional team are available to implement the crazy cake dream, so: Let’s do it!

World novelty AND world record!!!

Even after extensive research, we found out that there is not a single wearable cake wedding dress in the world. So the crazy cake dream is a world first and since it will be the largest cake dress in the world, it is also a world record!

The wedding cake dress will be worn by a model and will be presented at the fashion show at the wedding fair in Bern in mid-January. The dress is made of cake, but at first glance it won’t be recognizable as a cake. The accessories are also made of sugar! After the presentation, the dress will be cut into pieces and distributed. Of course for free! Be there!

For this we need your support..

In order for us to get the costs and expenses together, we depend on your help. We already have many helpers and sponsors who make their services available to us and we have already invested a lot ourselves. Unfortunately, we are still missing an amount that we can no longer cover ourselves. These are mainly the costs for the Guinness record entry, the participation fee at the wedding fair, printed matter and a few other smaller items. We are also looking for two volunteer photographers, a professional hairstylist and make-up artist and other volunteers. It will be a great experience and with your help we will break the world record!

Be there and win great prizes! Or take a look behind the cake scenes with us! We also have great sponsorship offers for companies!

I am happy to answer any questions you may have:

Thank you very much for your support and spreading the project!

Sweet regards, Natasha