CALIGULA as a feature film in Vienna in 2023! Dazzling and contemporary. Critical, political, sexy. Support us to stay independent!

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Concluded on 22/2/2023

Caligula - as the film of our time

Caligula is one of the most blatant emperors in Roman history. With us - in the year 2023 - a dazzling figure of Vienna, overpowering, colourful, existential, anarchic. Caligula was bloodthirsty and philosophical. Tired of the earthly when he was young, he wanted «the moon.» He was a rock star in every way. Sexually open, he fits into our time of fluid borders - and yet goes further. He is unknown only to the ignorant, he pulls the strings. Caligula can and may do everything. And he lives it out. But the limitless possibilities make him strive for the impossible - he too is looking for his limits - the moon in his case - and his own identification with «destiny». We bring it into today and into Viennese society - as a symbol of power and corruption in the year 2023.

The Cast - outstanding character actors

Christoph Rothenbuchner (Schauspielhaus Graz, Volkstheater Wien, Werk-X) plays the dazzling Caligula, Julia Thurnau (over 85 feature film, television and theater productions) the mysterious and fascinating Caesonia. Markus Meyer (in the Burgtheater ensemble for 18 years) is to take on the role of the intelligent and loyal Helicon, Nicholas Monu (Salzburg Festival, Burgtheater) the powerful Cherea. Rainer Furch (Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, many actors in «Tatort») will play the multi-layered Mucius and Wojo van Brouwer (Werk-X, Theater an der Josefstadt, «I, and the Others» by David Schalko) will play the suspicious Lepidus. Lisa Weidenmüller (Landestheater St. Pölten, Josefstadt, «I and the Others» by David Schalko) will embody the highly attractive Drusilla and Mucius’ wife.

Musically, we locate ourselves in trap. We are in talks with Yung Hurn and RAF Camora about a new interpretation of several Falco songs for the film. With Wolfgang Schlögl we have an experienced musician (Sofa Surfers, I-Wolf) and producer on board who is well known beyond Austria. The camera is high quality staffed with an internationally known DOP.

We need your help

With the budget made possible in the campaign, we finance our expenses in pre-production before the subsidies can finance the actual shooting. We pay for the announcement photos, the excerpt and the rights from the publisher.

Our goal is to bring the film in Austrian, German and Swiss cinemas before we head to the international distribution worldwide.