Who am I ?

My name is Vincent Desplanche, I work as a children books illustrator. My bibliography has, to date, more than 50 books. I am a sketcher too, I love to fill sketchbooks with watercolors on location. The mountain landscape is my favourite topic. During my hikes, I sketch the slopes, the peaks and lakes, everthing the mountain offers me to contemplate. The thing I prefer is to watch the changes of the light on the rocks and to transcribe the space. Then, some of the sketches will inspire wood block prints according to the traditional japanese printmaking method of Moku Hanga. Browse my website to discover my work.

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What is my project?

I want to publish «Carnets d’Anniviers», a miscellany of my watercolor sketchbooks accurately printed by one of the best printing house of France, «l’imprimerieEscourbiac» (Paris – Graulhet) : environmentally friendly, 3 times award winner of Cadrat d’Or (2002, 2008, 2013), ISO 12647-2, Imprim’vert and PEFC certified.

  • a selection of 62 watercolors
  • Full size, A4 landscape (29,7 cm x 21 cm)
  • High quality paper Munken Lynx 150 gsm, FSC et PEFC certified
  • 128 pages, both sides offset quadrichromy, hybrid color halftoning
  • Coated gatefold cover 320 gsm

Where does that project come from?

While talking about Val d’Anniviers, Ella Maillart said : «You know that these mountains, although they are half as high, remind strangly the Himalayas ? This is a question of proportions, and in this perspective, they are perfect.» As this admirable woman, I fell litterally in love with this part of the Valais. Failing to live here, I come as often as possible to discover its secret corners. All the sketches are done on location with Caran-d’Ache NeocolorII watersoluble crayons. The enthusiast welcome of the public to my sketchbooks during my exhibition in St Luc’s Galerie-du-Raccard in 2015 convinced me to publish this book.

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Why support the publication of this book?

  • To bring to life my first personnal edition project.
  • To get the special price of EUR 25 (+EUR 5 shipping), instead of CHF 35 after release.
  • To be sure to get your copy. The book will be available only in a few points of sale in Switzerland.
  • To see the Val d’Anniviers as you never see it before.
  • To know my artwork.
  • To have a collectible limited print book.