Do it – Carolynn realizes her project, the 2nd album! What about you? Do it as well and become part of this project.

The 2nd album was recorded at Influxstudios, owned by Luk Zimmermann, in Bern. During the long process I’m supported by the producer Jeremy Mage (USA/CH). To our dreamteam belongs Zino Mikorey, which made a wonderful mastering of the 11 songs in Berlin. And there were many musicians involved. On the record you hear drums, e-bass, contrabass, violin, cello, piano, trompet, tenorsax, flute, baritonsax, mandolin, banjo, backing vocals… Eleven songs recorded by eleven musicians! Each song sounds awesome! CD Release on the 24th of september 2016 at the Mahoganyhall in Bern.

Money money money...

I need your financial support so I can pay the musicians, the studio, the cdpress, artdesign and videoclips. We will be on tour with a band of 6 people. So we need to fill the car not only with syrup and can’t eat only nettles. Support me and you’ll get a exclusive goodie! To another part I’m in process to get money from the state, the city, and foundations pay the total costs of CHF 30’000.-.

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Who is Carolynn and what is she doing?

I’m a musician, singer and songwriter from around Bern (CH), touring solo since three years in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Luxembourg. Before I had my fix job in pedagogics and was only playing in switzerland. All songs written by myself I play them with my acoustic guitar and sing in english over a loopstation. Wherever I’m staying or traveling I play with different musicians, the one’s I meet on these places. For example in Switzerland it’s Michu Dicht on the violin and in Belgium it’s Wouter De Smet on tenorsax. For the release and upcoming tour we will be 6 musicians from different countrys. In fall we play in Switzerland and Germany, during winter in the swissmountains, then in spring heading north to Belgium and the Netherlands. Sleeping on coaches and driving the own car will be the rules – not travling by plane and sleepin’ in big hotels! Support me, if you like my music and lifestile!