is an exhibition on Cassette Culture that is due to take place in Linz
in the spring of 2018 with your help. It is about taking a look at the
world with a tape in your hand.

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Cassette Culture Node.Linz

Hello, my name is Wolfgang «Fadi» Dorninger, and I will curate and produce the exhibition Casstte Culture Node.Linz in spring 2018.

The exhibition will take place in Linz, Austria for three weeks in spring 2018. I will make daily guided tours through the exhibition, and once a week there will be an evening of concerts, and lectures. The exhibition will delight «Musicmaniacs» and «Tapelunatics», and will open new perspectives to people interested in art and culture. For this I need your financial support!

The Exhibition

You will ask yourself, «What is Cassette Culture and does Node.Linz mean?». «Why is «Fadi» doing an exhibition about a medium, and music from the 80s and early 90s?». «Is this exhibition also about questions of the future?» Of course we do ask if and how artificial intelligence will change the music world, if the production of music will make sense in the future, what the digitalisation has done for us, and if questions on things like FREEDOM, AUTHENTICITY, FUN, EXCHANGE, … COUCHSURFING, … are a thing of the past?

Between the years 1984 and 1994 I ran the cassette label «Die Ind» (Die Industrie, Die Independent, …). The local cassette editions «Fadi The Sampler Linz», as well as the international cassette/magazine edition «Tape Report» were highly successful. In the context of the international cassette network – Cassette Culture – I often travelled to the USA, Germany, the Benelux states, and other countries, together with my groups Monochrome Bleu, and Josef K. Noyce. These tours were almost exclusively organized through contacts from the Cassette Culture network. Networking, exchange, and documentation were important factors of the network. The sound: Experimental music, Industrial, and Ambient.

In the exhibition I will show the global radius of action – the Node.Linz. It wasn’t enough to tweet 140 characters, we wrote long letters, we didn’t get to know each other through avatars, but rather through letters, artworks, pictures, and meetings. We made music and radio together, we did long interviews for fanzines and videos. We were always in movement and organized concerts for each other, held a long-lasting discourse, and always offered each other a place to stay. What we are left with from that is a deep connection, that is still very much here to this day.

Why I need YOU!

Because I am not enough by myself. Your financial support in the run-up to this project is extremely important, as I intend to organize everything in an accordingly D.I.Y. manner. At the same time I will be able to see from your involvement to what extent the exhibition is relevant in 2018. From your selection of incentives you are able to decide how extensive the exhibition, as well as the program will be.

Support the exhibition, delight in the goodies – see incentives – and we will see each other in Linz 2018, and have a wonderful time together!

Thank you! Wolfgang «Fadi» Dorninger