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Thank you! Thanks to your support I can finally release my CD «100kg De Pollution». I keep you posted by mail.

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What is it about?

100KG DE POLLUTION is my first album and the realisation of a dream which is with me since the composition of the musicpiece Me Boug Ban «Evolution». This dream is of fusing my instruments – the balafon and the sanza – with the rythms and instruments of Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop and even Techno.


My Instruments

The SANZA is one of the oldest instruments of Central Africa. It’s made of a calabash which function as an amp and metal– or bamboo – keys.

The BALAFON is a xylophon of sub-Saharan Africa. Underneath it’s keys the calabashes work as amplifier.

And here you can listen to them.

100KG De Pollution

The Title of my album is often thematicized in the songs. I lived most of my life in Cameroon, where pollution is always present: people get sick because of polluted water and the village of my grandmother lost it’s most beautiful tree because of deforestation. And I’m also singing about «mental» pollution.My music is full of humor and brings you directly into the rain forests. Pollution doesn’t only exist in Africa. That’s why my dream is to sensibilize people all around the world to what’s going on around them.


The work on the CD

The CD was produced this spring in Yaoundé, Cameroon in collaboration with a collective of very talented musicians. Here in Switzerland I was lucky to meet some interested musicians and producers, like Luc Montini, guitarist of The Scrucialists and owner of OneDrop-Studio. Thanks to him I can finish the work and mix and master the songs this October.

Your support

I need CHF 3000 to:

  • finance the studios in Yaoundé and Basel
  • print the CD and the creation of the cover
  • get ready for the CD-release

Please support me, your help will make me happy and famous ;-) !