As the name suggests, Con-Tact wants to establish connections between people and to create communication. But it is not about the verbal and written communication that prevails nowadays, but about a real, deep communication from person to person. Nehad El Sayed composed the music for Con-Tac.

Before we go on tour with this innovative program this fall, we would like to produce a CD and that’s what we need your help for.


We, that is


Your support

Now it is your turn! Are you going to help us to cover some of the costs? Sound engineer, equipment rental, production of the CD and the salaries of the musicians are co-funded with wemakeit. We are very grateful for your support!

As a reward you will receive an autographcard, the CD of course or a mention in the CD-booklet.

About Con-Tact

Con-Tact is a search for the lost life connections. In a world that is communicating more and more over the Internet, you risk to stay alone with your information. In addition, mental and physical communication channels are thereby hardly used. With Con-Tact we strive to reopen unused communication channels and to remind all of us how essential it is to pursue a communication that allows a real and deep connection to each other.